Nidhi Chaudhari, DO
Nibhiben Chaudhari

Nidhi Chaudhari, DO

Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine
Rutgers University

As I was growing up, my parents emphasized the importance of nutrition and mental health to me and my brother at a very early age. I grew up witnessing my parents utilize herbal nutrition, yoga, and meditation as a means for “preventative care” for good health. I developed a passion for these practices and even spent time volunteering at my local temple to learn and later teach these practices to the local community. 

In college, I decided to purse my major in Cell Biology and Neuroscience at Rutgers University. I also spent a year finishing my Masters in Biomedical Sciences at Rowan University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. With this background, I knew I wanted to be in a career that represented my passion for holistic health and community service. This eventually led me to pursue medicine at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine. 

I gravitated towards Family Medicine very early in medical school. Throughout my community service experiences and rotations, I realized how much I enjoyed being there for my patients to provide a safe space for their vulnerabilities, not just in regards to their physical health, but also for their mental well-being, financial and social barriers, and overall lifestyle. I really enjoyed connecting with them and building long term relationships, it was the best way I could practice my strengths to make a positive impact. I have always believed in the interplay of mind-body-soul, especially since I practiced this mindset in my own life, and family medicine is the best specialty that allows me to utilize this mindset to serve my patients holistically.  

With all this in mind, I knew I wanted to be part of a program that serves a diverse population, and emphasizes community service and behavioral health. During my interview at MedStar Franklin Square, I truly felt a sense of family and support from each person I spoke to, and that is how I knew that this place would be the best fit for me. 

Outside of medicine, I enjoy drawing, singing, and meditating. My partner and I are always looking to explore new food places and hiking spots, we have a goal of visiting every national park in the US! I also love having movie nights with my family, especially crime and murder mysteries! I am truly excited to be in Baltimore with my fiancé and will continue to explore what this new home away from home has to offer.