Jyothi Kakuturu, D.O.
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Jyothi Kakuturu, D.O.

Nova Southeastern University Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine
Pennsylvania State University

Growing up, my family moved around quite a bit, so I got to live and grow up in southern and northern parts of India, Kansas, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Experiencing these diverse areas during my formative years has made me what I am today because I saw what an amazing difference primary care providers made in my life and others in my community. 

After finishing my undergraduate studies at Pennsylvania State University and then subsequent graduate studies at West Chester University, I worked as an assistant scientist in Philly. A new job moved me to Rockville, MD where I worked for a year as an associate scientist. Just as I was falling in love with Maryland, I got admitted to Nova Southeastern University’s medical school. 

Throughout my medical school training, all specialties interested me, but I kept seeing a certain pattern: most acutely and chronically ill patients who didn’t fare well in inpatient settings had no good outpatient primary care. Although I knew I was going into primary care, it was really during my core 3rd year clinical years that I decided family medicine was it! And I also knew I wanted to come back to Baltimore and DC area because my experience here was cut short. Franklin Square stood out to me the most because of the wonderful residents and faculty I interacted with during the interview. I also liked the location of Franklin square because of its mix of urban patients from east Baltimore City and suburban patients from eastern Baltimore county.

Outside of medicine, I love exploring local state and national parks, trying new cuisines, and watching movies!