• How many students are matched per year at MedStar Georgetown?

    4 students per year are accepted to the Med-Peds program at MedStar Georgetown, for a total of 16 residents.
  • How does the rotation schedule work?

    The rotation schedule is set up so that residents alternate between 3 month blocks of medicine and pediatrics, so that they spend a total of 6 months a year in medicine and 6 months a year in pediatrics. Within the 3 month block, residents will rotate through MedStar Georgetown Hospital and other affiliated hospitals to complete internal medicine or pediatrics specific rotations. Please see the Rotations by Year and Sample Block Schedule under Curriculum.
  • Where do residents have continuity training?

    Continuity blocks are scheduled at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in the dedicated Med-Peds clinic. 1st and 2nd year residents spend 2 weeks each year in the continuity clinic, and by 3rd and 4th years, residents spend 3 months each year in the clinic.
  • What are the demographics of the continuity clinic?

    The patient population at the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Med-Peds Clinic is a great mix of affluent and indigent, worried well and complicated multi-system diseases. This diversity of patients makes the continuity site an excellent training site.
  • Are there Medicine-Pediatrics trained faculty?

    The continuity clinic staff is exclusively Med-Peds trained. Medical students are exposed to the concept of Med-Peds early on in their education through the Dean of the School of Medicine. Additional Med-Peds faculty are located in other divisions throughout the hospital.
  • Are there Med-Peds Chief Residents?

    We have two PGY-4 residents who serve as chiefs. Along with Med-Peds faculty, they serve as advocates and mentors for our residents throughout their four years.

    One factor that truly sets our program apart is the degree to which support and guidance is available to Med-Peds residents. We find mentors easily within our own program and amongst our parent program faculty.