Hannah Arem, Ph.D.
Hannah Arem

Hannah Arem, Ph.D.

Scientific Director of Implementation Science, MedStar Health Research Institute

Dr. Hannah Arem is the scientific director of Implementation Science at MedStar Health Research Institute, and an associate professor of Oncology at Georgetown University. Dr Arem received her master's in health services from Johns Hopkins in International Health/ Social and Behavioral Interventions, earned her doctorate from Yale University in Chronic Disease Epidemiology, and completed a competitive 2-year mentored training through Washington University St. Louis in Implementation Science.

Dr. Arem’s research portfolio focuses on bringing implementation science methods to various topics, including cancer survivorship and quality of life, mHealth, and maternal and infant mortality. Through her work she seeks to understand not just what shows efficacy, but how interventions work in real-world settings. Examples of her current funded projects include delivery of social risk factor screening to cancer patients across three healthcare systems in Washington DC, managing comorbidities among Black cancer patients to address health disparities, and testing efficacy of smart speaker delivery of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia among breast cancer survivors. Much of her work utilizes multi-level approaches to address health disparities in cancer populations.

By applying her expertise in implementation science, Dr Arem has created a team composed of scientists, public health researchers, and community health workers who integrate research and clinical operations across MedStar Health Research Institute, MedStar Health, and Georgetown University.