Hannah Arem, PhD
Hannah Arem

Hannah Arem, PhD

Scientific Director of Implementation Science

As scientific director of Implementation Science at MedStar Health Research Institute, Dr. Arem’s portfolio focuses on bringing implementation science methods to various topics, including cancer survivorship, women's health, and maternal and infant mortality, seeking to understand not just what shows efficacy, but how interventions work in real-world practice and how context affects uptake and sustainability. Dr. Arem is also an associate professor of oncology with Georgetown University, working closely with the Cancer Prevention and Control researchers.

Dr. Arem’s current grant-funded research includes using a smart speaker intervention to deliver cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia to breast cancer survivors; employing community health workers and mHealth to support breast and prostate cancer patients with comorbidities, focusing on reducing disparities; and delivering universal social determinants of health screening and support for cancer survivors across Washington DC in order to reduce disparities in outcomes.

Research Interests

Dr. Arem's research interests include

  • Behavioral Interventions
  • Breast Cancer
  • Cancer Disparities
  • Cancer Survivorship
  • Implementation Science
  • MHealth

Selected Research

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Research Areas

  • Health Equity
    Health Services/Quality/Outcomes
    Implementation Science
    Maternal-Fetal/Women’s Health