FAQs: Power to Heal Campaign

Everything you need to know about the Power to Heal Campaign…

What is the Power to Heal Campaign?

This annual campaign offers you the opportunity to join in celebrating a growing culture of gratitude at MedStar Health. In honor of your colleagues and fellow associates, you may give a philanthropic gift, gratitude message, or both.

When can I participate? 

TODAY! Your philanthropic gift and gratitude messages are welcome today, or any time during the year. Our campaign promotion takes place this year, Nov. 1 through Nov. 30.

Who will benefit from my contribution?

This year, the Power to Heal Campaign will focus on supporting the Associate Wellbeing initiatives that benefit all associates across MedStar Health. As our nation is still in the most significant public health crisis of our lifetimes, it is critical to lend help and ensure wellness among our associates now more than ever. Associates and caregivers are learning to work differently in this new environment, and the current “new normal” can often have an impact on associate well-being. In the healthcare environment, our associates are tasked with intense workdays at a demanding pace with emotional intensity.

This year, funds raised through the Power to Heal Campaign will support initiatives at each entity and across the system such as expanding our Recharge Stations initiative, enhancing wellness rounding, creating virtual mental and physical health support initiatives, and developing new and innovative ways to support all of our associates both at work and at home.

As one MedStar Health, we have the power to leverage the strength of the entire organization to rally around a single strategic initiative to support MedStar Health associates across the system. When we say, “It’s how we treat people,” we are referring to every person. And it begins with our associates.

Where can I participate? 

  • Text GRATITUDE to 51555
  • Make a commitment and send a gratitude message online by clicking here.

How does it work?

It’s simple! You can make your commitment through:

  • Recurring monthly credit card gift
  • One-time gift: cash, credit card, check
  • Charitable estate gift
  • Auto Renewal payroll deduction

*The amount of your choice will be deducted from your biweekly paycheck beginning the first Jan. 2021 pay date and will continue indefinitely until you contact the MedStar Health philanthropy team at [email protected].

When will my payroll deduction start?

January 8, 2021

Please note, if you already have a payroll deduction, you do not need to submit a new form.

What is my annual payroll deduction contribution?

If you are interested in payroll deduction, the chart below outlines suggested investment amounts.

If I missed signing up for payroll deduction in 2020; can I start a recurring gift any time of the year?

Yes! Please email [email protected] with the deduction amount and fund designation. We will let you know what payday your deduction will begin.

How do I update my payroll deduction?

To make the following changes to your payroll deduction, please email [email protected].

  • To stop your payroll deduction.
  • To change your fund designation.
  • To change your per pay amount. 

Please be advised that depending on when you submit your request, it may take a pay period to stop the deduction. For example, if you request three days before a payday to stop your deduction, the deduction will stop the following payday. We will let you know the exact date your deduction will stop after you contact us.

Can I make a one-time deduction via payroll?

Yes, you can make a one-time payroll deduction on the first pay date, Jan. 8, 2021, for a minimum donation amount of $10.

Where can I find my receipt for tax purposes?

Your total deduction for the year can be found on your pay stub. Please visit ePayStubs.org and click on “pay stub detail.” You will see a section towards the bottom named “MedStar Health Gift.”

For more information about your pay stub, click here.

Can I support more than one fund?

Yes! Simply indicate how much you would like to designate to each fund on the form.

For any additional questions, please contact the philanthropy office at [email protected] or call 410-772-6747.