Power to Heal Campaign | MedStar Health

Expressing gratitude for health care associates at MedStar Health

The Power to Heal Campaign is an annual initiative that offers MedStar Health associates and Board members the opportunity to join in growing our culture of gratitude at MedStar Health. This year’s campaign will support associate wellbeing initiatives as a way to care for the caregiver.

With the support of our associates and Board members, we have been able to grow these initiatives over the past two years. Specifically, we have been able to:

  • Create a peer support network
  • Establish and enhance recharging stations at our entities
  • Provide wellbeing kits to manage stress
  • Hire resilience coaches and nurse wellbeing specialists
  • Host associate appreciation events and fairs
  • Continue wellness rounds
  • Share mental health and wellness resources with our associates.
  • Expand digital resources on our website
  • Host virtual events
  • Participate in social wellbeing activities and team bonding

We look forward to growing the program with your support.

Gratitude matters

At MedStar Health, we recognize the positive impact expressions of gratitude have:

  • Giving thanks regularly can make you live a happier and longer life
  • An attitude of gratitude leads to improved relationships
  • Saying “thank you” to healthcare workers can lift their spirits and help reduce burnout


Participate today!

If you are interested in joining our associates in giving to wellbeing initiatives, make a philanthropic gift, gratitude message, or both. Click here to participate. Associates interested in making a payroll deduction should email powertoheal@medstar.net.

If you itemize, you may receive a federal income tax deduction for cash charitable contributions of up to 60% of your adjusted gross income for gifts made this calendar year.