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Bloodless Strategies Lead to Better Patient Outcomes

WIllard A. Barnes, Jr., MD |
MedStar Health
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Dr. Willard A. Barnes, Jr., chief of gynecologic oncology at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, explains how patients and the medical community have benefited from the application of bloodless strategies in gynecologic surgery and chemotherapy.

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Allows us to avoid/minimize the use of blood products either during surgery or during chemotherapy

Treatment,… often requires blood; …since the bloodless medicine program has come to Georgetown, we’ve been able to minimize or eliminate the need for blood…

This is a boon…to any patient, to minimize the use of blood, any sort of blood products, and they have been very successful in my practice

Blood products are scarce, they have potential side effects…any patient, if he or she could avoid the use of blood products, would prefer to do so

I think it’s becoming mainstream; it certainly should be.”

…sometimes it takes a little finagling, as you’d say, to make sure we’re ready for these things, but with the help of this team, we’re able to do that.

Well, this works. A lot of good ideas are good, they just don’t work. This one works.

For surgery, very aggressively optimizing red blood cell mass is very important and they’re very good at this

Also for chemotherapy… by very aggressively optimizing red blood cell mass and volume

We use these for all the patients…They came and helped me and my patients…they do good work!

If we didn’t have good outcomes I wouldn’t be sittin’ here and talkin’ to you

We’ve got the right folks here, they’ve got the right ideas, they’re very dedicated, they work hard, the patients benefit, the hospital and the medical community benefit; I couldn’t be more pleased, and we’re mighty happy to have ‘em so I hope they don’t hear that part.