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Managing Stroke

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Paul R. Rao, Ph.D., Brendan E. Conroy, M.D., and Christine Baron, M.A., CCC-SLP
Publication Date: August 2009

Managing Stroke: A Guide to Living Well After Stroke (Second Edition) is also available in Spanish.

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MedStar NRH Press is proud to offer the newly-revised Second Edition of this popular and easy-to-use guide for stroke patients and their families. This no-nonsense book covers the effects of stroke from every angle-medical, emotional and social-and puts the power of recovery in patients' hands.

It's packed with practical information about life after stroke-answering questions about everything from preventing recurrent stroke, and sex after stroke, to navigating the complexities of health insurance coverage. The guide is an honest look at the problems patients face and the critical steps they can take to overcome them. This revised edition provides up-to-date information on exciting new technology designed to improve quality of life-and features a forward by Senator Tim Johnson, whose very public stroke and subsequent recovery encouraged thousands of Americans.

There are hopeful and engaging first-person stories from other men and women who have suffered stroke and traveled the road to successful recovery-and an expanded list of important resources that can help make life after stroke more manageable.

Written by a team of more than 20 of the nation's top stroke experts, Managing Stroke, Second Edition, is a must-have for patients, family and friends, as well as the health care professionals who are an important part of their rehabilitation process.

Here's what they are saying about Managing Stroke:

[Managing Stroke] is a frank exploration of not just the biology of and medical consequences of stroke, but of the emotional and social implications of the event to patients and families . . . I'm certain that for many of us this book will become a well worn and well used resource for years to come.

- Senator Tim Johnson

…a timely and important book . . . crammed with fresh and detailed information about the management of stroke, it takes seriously the emerging paradigm in health care that treats the patient as partner and shows you how to incorporate this empowering philosophy into every phase of the rehabilitation process.

- Lauro S. Halstead, M.D., Editor, Managing Post-Polio