Grateful Patient Finds Solution Alongside MedStar Health Physician

Grateful Patient Finds Solution Alongside MedStar Health Physician- Gratitude Story

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For several years, Lisa Goodwin began developing unusual symptoms across her body, leading to an emergency room admittance to rule out a stroke. Through the course of her healthcare journey, Goodwin saw a number of doctors and specialists, including a cardiologist, and was eventually diagnosed with fibromyalgia. After a series of tests from various departments, it was also recommended that Goodwin seek out vascular surgeon Misaki Kiguchi, MD.

Lisa Goodwin

Dr. Kiguchi ran additional tests to rule out a number of vascular issues that were plaguing Goodwin. “Having a doctor who really genuinely cared for finding a solution was incredible,” Goodwin shares. “She didn’t give up on me.” Dr. Kiguchi addressed Goodwin’s underlying vein issues and worked with her to find solutions which eventually relieved much of Goodwin’s symptoms and the source of her pain.

“I don’t live in fear and pain anymore--it was life-changing,” says Goodwin. To express her gratitude, Goodwin sought out ways to give back to Dr. Kiguchi and her staff, choosing to make a philanthropic gift-in-kind in support of the team’s daily efforts, and ultimately providing lunch for her staff.

Goodwin explains that her appreciation from this extraordinary patient care experience comes from the sense of compassion and assurance that she was shown every step of the way. “My gratitude came about truly because I was living in a state of pain and fear so long, but every time I came into Dr. Kiguchi’s office I could let some of that go because she and her team were there to help me figure it out, and she didn’t give up. She still kept thinking about how she could solve my problem. You can only hear so many times I’ve run every test and we can’t figure it out—that wasn’t an option for her. My gratitude came from this woman and team that really wanted to help me get healthy.”

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