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Mark French Stroke Recovery to Victory Award

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Mark French gives everything he has to all he does, a quality that caused him to have success during his decades-long career in business—and during his recovery from the devastating stroke he suffered in July 2015.

“Recovery from stroke is the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” French said. “But with the help of the fabulous doctors and therapists at MedStar NRH, I could see that I was moving forward every day. I’m so grateful to them all.”

According to French’s physician, Alexander Dromerick, MD, MedStar NRH Research vice president, “he has overcome tremendous odds to write a happy ending to his own incredible story.”

On April 20, 2016, French’s tenacity and indomitable spirit were rewarded when he was a recipient of a 2016 Victory Award® at the 30th Anniversary Gala of MedStar NRH. During the past three decades, MedStar NRH has celebrated the “Victory of the Human Spirit” by recognizing individuals who have met and overcome serious challenges.

“I’m honored to receive this award,” French told the crowd of nearly 700. “After my stroke and before I came to MedStar NRH, my life was a very different—and frightening—place,” he said. “But at MedStar NRH, I became excited because everyone there said I would recover, and I did. The process of rehabilitation is like climbing a mountain, and I’m very determined to reach the summit.”

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