Nursing Alumni Association

The rich history of nursing at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital is savored and protected by those who learned their careers in the hospital's nursing schools – the alumni. The Union Memorial Hospital Schools of Nursing Alumni have existed since 1903 to promote a healthy relationship between the hospital and the nurses.

Alumni networks provide long-term value to an institution by giving alumni the chance to stay in contact and continue to learn from each other long after they have left school. Throughout the years, our Alumni Association has offered beneficial programs such as mentoring new graduate nurses.

When The Union Memorial Hospital School of Nursing closed, nursing education moved to Union Memorial Hospital/Villa Julie, which is now Stevenson University. The nurturing, caring principles in which we believe live through our Alumni Association as it exists today.

Our Alumni Association is active and includes more than 280 graduates from Union Memorial Hospital, Johnston School of Practical Nursing, and Villa Julie. Our alumni network with others, meet at least two times a year, celebrate our milestone reunions, and maintain the friendships that started in school.

Since good support networks are hard to find, our Alumni Association is your ready-made network full of nurses with shared experiences just waiting to connect. It is a luxury few other organizations can boast. When you can, please join The Union Memorial Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association by contacting us at


To obtain transcripts from The Union Memorial Hospital School of Nursing or Johnston School of Practical Nursing, call Human Resources at 410-554-2540.

Archive program

MedStar Union Memorial Hospital maintains an historical archives program for preserving the history of the hospital and schools of nursing. It is open to researchers by appointment. The archive graciously accepts donations of objects and documents that tell the story of MedStar Union Memorial and the nursing programs. To learn more or donate, contact or 410-554-4580.