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We care for the individual needs of our patients

The Shirley A. Smith Infusion Center strives to make time spent here as convenient as possible for patients by offering flexible scheduling. Depending on a patient’s medical needs, treatment times range from 15 minutes to 8 hours. The infusion center is staffed with specially trained registered nurses who average over 20 years of nursing experience and who are certified in oncology nursing and in the administration of chemotherapy. This enables them to anticipate the special needs of the infusion and/or oncology patient. They work closely with physicians toward continuity of care.

What you can expect

The patient and their support person receive:

  • Personalized information and printed materials on treatment(s). These include symptom and side effect prevention and management
  • A printed follow-up plan for each visit
  • Access to free support and patient resource ;information from our Cancer Care Navigator and Oncology Certified RNs

  • Access to volunteers who complement the nursing staff in closely attending to the patients’ needs

Relaxing environment

From its ergonomic chairs to its adjacent healing garden, the center offers a range of amenities that ensure the utmost comfort and care of patients. The center is decorated in warm, comforting earth tones – an environment reminiscent of home. Also, patients will have the option of receiving infusion therapy outdoors in the connecting healing garden. To help pass the time while receiving treatment, the center offers cable TVs, a VCR/DVD option, warm blankets, complimentary light lunches and beverages. On-site parking is free.

Referral process

The referral process will include:

  1. The infusion center staff obtain patient demographics, clinical information, and completed orders from the referring physician.
  2. Staff confirm insurance information and authorization for services.
  3. Staff will contact the patient to schedule an appointment within three days.

Infusion center services

The infusion center services include the following:

  • Blood and blood product transfusions
  • Difficult IV starts
  • Injections
  • Dressing changes of central lines, PICC lines, and midlines
  • IV therapy of all types with prior approval, including but not limited to:
    • Chemotherapy

    • Immunotherapy
    • Biotherapy
    • Antibiotic therapy
    • Remicade® infusion
    • Iron infusion
    • Bisphosphonates (Zometa®/Reclast®)
    • Lab draws from central lines and implanted ports
    • Cortisol-stimulation timed tests
    • Paracentesis pre- and post-albumin replacement
    • Port access and maintenance
    • PICC line removal (by appointment)

We offer a full spectrum of care for ambulatory, self-care patients who may not require hospitalization or may not be receiving home care because of insurance constraints. We also offer services to patients who wish to receive treatment in a comfortable, private setting and to those who may require hypersensitivity/reaction monitoring and emergent intervention support services.

Our providers

Oncologist giving IV Drip Treatment to Cancer Patient

Expert oncology care

Getting the care you need starts with seeing one of our oncologists.