Dr. Shadi Al-bahri
Shadi Al-Bahri

Dr. Shadi Al-bahri

General Surgery, Union Memorial Hospital
"Since I was a kid, I’ve always known I wanted to do surgery."

Dr. Shadi Al-bahri is well-known around MedStar Union Memorial Hospital where he has been a resident for nearly eight years. His family jokes with him about why it takes so long to become a doctor, though they know the value of hard work; his brother is an architect and his father owns a hospital in Dubai. Dr. Al-bahri says his farewell from Baltimore is bittersweet. He says, "I’ve experienced Hopkins and University of Maryland, and did rotations elsewhere, but nowhere else did I find this family feel–you look forward to working with them in the morning, resident, nursing staff. I feel sad kind of ending this chapter. I'm a bit sad about leaving," but he doesn't plan to be far from the MedStar Health family long. His goal is to become an attending physician and one day maybe establish a relationship between Union and his parent's hospital with an overseas program for residents. "I’d like to have a life-long relationship with MedStar and maybe a residency program that works with my family's hospital in Dubai."

Matched Into Bariatric Surgery Fellowship, Division of General Surgery University of Tampa Florida.