Physician Well-Being & Concierge Program | MedStar Health

The Physician Well-being Concierge program provides you with personalized care planning, access, and navigation to well-being and convenience resources. We are here when you need help with work or life challenges or when you just need to talk with someone. Whether you need emotional, social, physical, financial, or career-related support, the Physician Concierge program is here to help.

Through the Physician Concierge program, you may receive confidential and unlimited support from Guide Care Concierge, Master’s-level clinicians dedicated to helping you feel your best. The Guide Care Concierge team has received training on the benefits and resources available to you, so they may seamlessly connect you to what you need.

This program can be accessed through the MedStar ConciergeConnect app. This is a free app that provides easy, one-touch access to services available to you through the Physician Concierge program.

There are three ways to connect with your Guide Care Concierge through the app:

  1. Call us
  2. Submit a service request form
  3. Schedule a consultation

Don’t want to download the app? See below for other ways to connect with a physician concierge.

The Physician Concierge Program is 100% confidential and complies with all relevant state and federal laws and regulations. Your information and details of your engagement will NOT be shared with anyone without your written consent.

About BHS

BHS is a privately held, stand-alone provider of Guide Care Concierge Services, Occupational Social Work, Employee Assistance Programs, Well-being and Wellness Services, Work/Life Balance Services, Crisis Management, Skill Building Training, and Organizational Development.

For over 30 years, BHS’ global operation, including our clinical call center, has been headquartered in Baltimore City, MD.

BHS has provided services to MedStar Health, its employees, and their household members since 2002.

Download the MedStar ConciergeConnect App