Your wellbeing is our top priority and our goal is to ensure that you have the resources you need to succeed and thrive at MedStar Health. As a result, a compiled list of resources has been assembled to support the wellbeing of our providers and associates during and beyond COVID-19. Below you will find categorized resources and helpful links.

Your MedStar Health Wellbeing team is here to support you and your professional and personal needs. We recognize that a healthy, supported organization translates to greater productivity and a happier, more engaged workforce.

MedStar Health has established the MedStar Health Wellbeing Advocate Award to recognize those who support associate wellbeing and efforts to develop associates' wellness throughout the system. Click here to learn more.  

Wellbeing Resources During COVID-19

MedStar Health has compiled a list of resources to support the wellbeing of our providers and associates during COVID-19. Below you will find categorized helpful links and resources.

MedStar Health COVID-19 Information Pages

Please use remote access or log in from a MedStar Health workstation to access Starport for other wellbeing-related resources currently available.


MedStar Health Website: Visit the MedStar Health COVID-19 information page.

Wellbeing Resources During COVID-19

Wellness with Peers

  • Care for the Caregiver | Peer to Peer Support

    The Care for the Caregiver team of nurses, physicians, quality, safety, risk associates, chaplains, social workers, and peers is here to support you in your time of need. The team provides free confidential 24/7 care to all associates and physicians system-wide.

    • Real time attention using a nonjudgmental presence, focusing on listening and understanding
    • Informal debriefings, exploring the meaning of events and offering resiliency-building techniques
    • Information about additional services through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or crisis intervention services for larger scale stress reduction

    Points of Contact

    Call: 866-674-9355 (866-MSH-WELL)

Wellness for You

  • Voluntary COVID-19 Testing Wellness Program

    Voluntary COVID-19 testing is available for all asymptomatic associates and physicians.

    To schedule an appointment, contact the Voluntary COVID-19 Testing Wellness Program Call Center at 877-384-3530, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Your appointment should be during your non-working hours. No walk-ins are accepted.

    The COVID-19 Testing Wellness Call Center will schedule your testing at one of 10 sites across our system:

    • Hospitals: MedStar Washington Hospital Center, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Center, MedStar Harbor Hospital, MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital
    • Testing tents: MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center, MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital
    • Ambulatory locations: MedStar Health Bel Air Medical Campus, MedStar Medical Group at Adams Morgan, MedStar Health at Brandywine, MedStar Shah Medical Group at J. Patrick Jarboe Medical Center

    Reporting of Test Results

     The voluntary testing uses an antigen COVID-19 test. Results will be provided within 48 hours. You should continue working your regular shift schedule while awaiting your test results.

    Associates and physicians with positive COVID-19 test results will be contacted by Occupational Health and provided guidance for next steps, which include additional testing and not reporting to work. Negative results will be reported through a text messaging chatbot tool. Results will also be available on the myMedStar Patient Portal.

    All associates and physicians should continuously self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and contact the Occupational Health Call Center at 844-354-3705 should any symptoms present.

  • Employee Assistance Program

    Visit the MedStar Employee Assistance Program portal to request support and access educational materials. Enter the username "MedStar" to log-in.” Learn more about EAP services.

  • Expedited Mental Health Access for MedStar Health Providers and Associates

    We recognize how important it is for you to take care of yourself, even as you are busy taking care of others. Through this initiative with the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital’s Department of Psychiatry, MedStar Health providers and associates can establish contact with a mental health clinician within 1-2 business days of the initial call. The mental health clinician will identify the issues and either provide individual support immediately, or, if deemed helpful, will refer the associate to a mental health provider within Georgetown Psychiatry. Providers with expertise in adult, child, adolescent and family mental health are available.

    To set up an appointment, call 202-944-5400 and choose option 2. We will ensure that we get in touch within 1-2 business days. For urgent needs related to mental health access, please contact BHS at 866-765-3277.

  • Expanded Support Services for Associates and Family Members

    The BHS team is here to help support those who are worried, anxious or uncertain during this time. We also know that it is a stressful time for your family. Both you and your family members can utilize this important support system in a variety of way found here:

    • Call and access services: 866-765-3277
    • Access the MyBHS Portal: (Username: MedStar)
      • Fill out an Online Request Form for Services. Select "Click Here to Request Services"
    Click here to view the MedStar Employee Assistance Program (EAP) flyer.
  • Free Meditation and Mental Health Resources

    • Smiling Mind offers mindfulness programs for adults, parents, healthcare workers and more
    • Soothing meditations and sleep meditations from Calm
    • 30-minute peer-to-peer counseling through Medical Society of DC
    • Peer Support Line
    • COVID Coach: a government-developed, free mobile app, designed to provide resources and enhance emotional support during this pandemic. The app is private and secure, no email account or password is required, and user data are not collected. This app is intended for EVERYONE in the community and is available for iOS and Android.
    • MedStar Mind Body Medicine Meditation Series (Please note: You must be logged into the MedStar Health Network to access this resource on Starport)
    • Virtual wellness opportunities
  • Exercise Resources

  • Stress First Aid

    Stress First Aid is a flexible model of small, manageable steps for self-help and peer support for managing stress that affects us at work. Explore the resources below to expand your knowledge of Stress First Aid and stay alert for regular training opportunities designed to deepen your knowledge of the Stress Continuum and the 7 C’s of Stress First Aid.

Wellness at Work

  • Wellness Rounds

    Sometimes, there is so much information out there that it is easy to miss some of the resources you need the most. On Wellness Rounds we bring the resources to you. Wellness teams conduct in-person rounding to check-in on associates, to provide information about resources, to help with wellbeing and self-care, and to provide immediate support, if needed. The teams round periodically and can also be requested to visit specific units.

    If you’d like to request a Wellness Rounds for your group or on your unit, let us know! Email:

  • Recharge Stations

    We know that your job is incredibly stressful and sometimes you need a break or a healthy snack on the go. We are setting up Recharge Stations around your hospital to serve as a place for you to recharge and find out more about the wellbeing resource available to you and your families.

    Current Recharge Station locations.

  • Enhance Wellbeing with Healthy Choices and Easy Ordering

    Manage mealtimes with healthy choices and efficient ordering from MedStar Health hospital cafés. The Bite by Sodexo mobile app allows associates to customize and place orders, pay and receive a receipt digitally. The app also enables preordering food for a scheduled pickup time. To use Bite by Sodexo, create an account and link a personal credit card. Search “MedStar” to select your hospital location. The app is available in the Apple or Google Play app stores. Bite by Sodexo is owned and managed by Sodexo, the food and nutrition partner of MedStar Health.

Wellness at Home

  • Child and Adult Care Services

    Child and Adult Care Services—Care@Work Program

    MedStar Health is providing heavily subsidized child and adult care services for associates and physicians, allowing you to remain active in your role. We have contracted with the Care@Work program to make available unlimited referrals for child and adult care providers through

    For urgent care needs, the program provides subsidized, vetted in-home care for children and adults, and child care services at participating centers across the region. This benefit is now covered by MedStar Health and available for 10 days of subsidized coverage with a copay of $8/hour for in-home care or $15/day per child at participating child care centers. Enroll at using your MedStar Health email address to validate your employment.

    Virtual School Care Needs

    The Backup Care benefit may be used to find vetted and subsidized tutors, learning pod teachers, nanny shares, or babysitters to support your children while you work during these unprecedented times. Visit for a school-related resource guide.

    External Child Care Resources

    The following free resources are meant to serve as a guide and are not explicitly endorsed by MedStar Health:

  • Financial Wellness Resources

    Managing finances can be stressful, especially in times like this. Through MedStar’s retirement vendor, Prudential, review the following financial wellness resources for support.

    • Access your personal Prudential account, complete retirement plan enrollment, manage your elections, and more on the myHR Retirement Savings Plans page. To access your account off the MedStar Health network, please visit
    • Review financial education content delivered by Prudential. Once logged into your personal retirement account page, visit My Financial Life for tools, to plan for life events, and to tailor the content on your feed. Outside of your account, browse Prudential’s financial education page for additional financial wellness content.
    • Connect with Prudential's dedicated retirement counselor serving your area for a personalized review of your retirement strategy.
    • For additional retirement plan support, contact Prudential 833-738-6787 (833-RET-MSTR).
    • Please view the Prudential welcome video for a short overview of what's available to you.
  • COVID-19 Tips and Guides

  • MedStar eVisit

    Our telehealth platform, MedStar eVisit, provides quick, convenient access to trusted medical providers, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any mobile device or computer. MedStar eVisit may be used for the diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses like common cold, flu, sinus infections, pink eye, and more. In addition, eVisit providers are now prepared to screen for cases of COVID-19. To sign up or log in, download the free iOS or Android mobile app OR visit

Wellbeing Advocate Award

  • MedStar Health Wellbeing Advocate Award Information

    MedStar Health has established the MedStar Health Wellbeing Advocate Award to recognize those who support associate wellbeing and efforts to develop associates’ wellness throughout the system. Click each hyperlink below to learn more:
    • Review award winners:
      • Q1: Arlene Sheets
        • Awarded for her "commitment and dedication to her colleagues, which proved instrumental in making MedStar Health a place where we are all proud to work. A consistent willingness to go above and beyond to support the wellbeing of associates and making a tremendous and long-lasting impact."
      • Q2: Dr. Theresa (Terri) Stone
        • "Dr. Stone has been recognized for touching more than 170 colleagues with virtual wellbeing initiatives such as Peaceful Pause Tuesday – a weekly 15-minute mindfulness activity – and bringing wellbeing speakers to her teams, plus years of leadership for both patients and associates in the integrative and culinary medicine fields."
      • Q2: Dr. Arnold Raizon
        • "Dr. Raizon is recognized for creating numerous wellbeing programs and events for the radiology practice, including Daily, Early Morning, Meditation and Check-In, Gratitude Journalizing, Daily Dose of Wellness emails plus wellness book clubs and chats. He is known for creating group events like guided hikes, virtual cooking and wine tasting classes, and a mindful dinner."
      • Q3: Donna Keegan
        • "Donna is credited with leading the MedStar Union Memorial Hospital wellness committee for numerous years, prioritizing the health needs of associates through many changes across the system and locally. Donna exudes an energy, collaborative approach, and attention to detail that has ensured the success of her wellness committee and allowed other committees to leverage resources originating at Union Memorial."

Provider Services

We are proud to offer MedStar providers a number of tools to meet their unique wellbeing needs.

A first-of-its-kind, the Provider Concierge program connects providers directly with a personalized assistant who can help you navigate various resources. From understanding your 403b, to getting help with rescheduling your flight reservation and setting up your back-up child care and adult care, to career coaching and beyond, the Provider Concierge program is designed to remove friction from your day to day life. Use the Provider Concierge link to schedule an appointment with your personal concierge and fill out a confidential form for direct assistance.

Additional tools and information include access to MedStar Health’s Faculty Development, MedStar GME, and the Wellness Champions network.

Review our list of suggested healthy associate hotels here.


Provider Concierge

  • Call us: 800-554-1399

  • Schedule an appointment with your personal concierge
  • Fill out a confidential form for direct assistance
  • Access child and adult care resources on using your MedStar email address

  • Download the app on iOS or Android


Faculty Development

  • Please visit the Faculty Development page to learn more on provider opportunities


MedStar Graduate Medical Education (GME)


Wellness Champions

Founded in 2018, the Wellness Champions program is a system-wide initiative to support and develop local wellness experts throughout MedStar. Every GME program as well as any interested department/team is encouraged to identify and provide time for a volunteer to join our multidisciplinary group of wellness champions. Wellness champions participate in regular meetings to receive the latest information about wellness research and best practices, to exchange ideas, collect and understand wellness data, and to work together to address challenges in implementing wellness strategies. We will continue work to develop resources and infrastructure for local wellness projects.

If you would like to learn more or are considering becoming a Wellness Champion, please contact Heather Hartman-Hall, PhD.


Test Yourself

MedStar Health providers and associates are encouraged to "test themselves" using validating measures of burnout, anxiety, distress, and more. Please use these screenings for your own information and awareness. All screenings are anonymous and no responses will be shared with MedStar Health.

With increased knowledge of your current risks and wellbeing, you can take appropriate steps to manage your work-life balance.




Depression, Anxiety, and Stress









Stay Healthy

About Us

MedStar Health is committed to cultivating a community of engagement and sense of professional fulfillment among our residents, fellows, and staff. Your well-being is our top priority and our goal is to ensure that you have the resources you need to succeed and thrive at MedStar Health. Within this site you will find access to self-assessment tools, upcoming events, and ways to get in touch with someone who can help. Browse our wide range of self-help resources, or contact a provider concierge to help you find the tools you need.

Our Mission
To promote provider well-being across MedStar Health.

Our Vision
To support initiatives, interventions, and research that contributes to providers’ physical and emotional well-being.


MedStar Health Physician Wellbeing Team

  • Daniel Marchalik, MD, MA

    Daniel Marchalik, MD, MA is the Medical Director of Physician Wellbeing and chairs the Frontline Associate Wellness Committee.
  • Joan Bardsley, MBA, RN, CDE, FAADE

    Joan Bardsley is the assistant vice president of nursing and research integration for MedStar Health Research Institute (MHRI) and MedStar Corporate Nursing.
  • Ed Tori, DO

    Ed Tori, DO is the Director of The Influence Center at the MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2). He serves as the System Lead for integrated peer support services.
  • Heather Hartman-Hall, PhD

    Heather Hartman-Hall, PhD currently serves as the Director of Residency Well-Being and Behavioral Health Education for the MedStar Health Internal Medicine Residency, Baltimore. She directs the MedStar Health Wellness Champions program.
  • Crystal Morales, MS, BSN, RN

    Crystal Morales is the Director of Nurse Wellbeing at MedStar Health. As the wellness director she has the privilege of developing and implementing strategies aimed at improving overall health and wellness including mental, emotional and physical aspects.
  • Mihriye Mete, PhD

    Research Director, Physician Well-being | MedStar Health

    Adjunct Professor of Statistics and Research Methods at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies
  • Shane Murr

    Shane Murr serves as MedStar Health’s Associate Wellness Manager within the Benefits department and the internal lead for system wellness committees.
  • Danni Davis, LCSW-C

    Danni Davis, LCSW-C, is the Regional Resilience Coach for Medstar Health in Baltimore. She provides physicians, providers, and associates with wellness and resilience coaching and education. Her services can be provided individually and for teams.
  • Jessica Vancil

    Jessica Vancil is the executive assistant for the MedStar Health Wellbeing Initiative.

  • Jamie S. Padmore, DM

    Vice President, Academic Affairs | MedStar Health

    Professor & Assoc. Dean, GME & Educational Scholarship | Georgetown University Medical Center

    Designated Institutional Official (DIO) | MedStar Health GME Consortium

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For general inquiries and for more information on MedStar Health wellbeing programs and resources, please email