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Refer a Patient to Home Healthcare Services

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MedStar Health Home Care aims to help physicians and other healthcare providers connect their patients with the home healthcare service they need to heal and live safely at home. This web page offers several tools and information resources to help you successfully refer a patient into MedStar Health Home Care’s care.

How to Refer a Patient

If your patient meets the Eligibility Requirements for home healthcare services, use the tools below to complete a referral.

  • Download Patient Referral Form: This downloadable form includes MedStar Health Home Care’s Face-to-Face Progress Note, Home Health Orders and a fax cover sheet. After completing this form and the Required Referral Information (outlined below) fax to: 888-862-6082.
    • NOTE: Please call 800-862-2166 to verify all faxed documents were received.
  • Online Referral Tools: Participating providers can submit referrals electronically through ECIN(Allscripts Care Management) and Curaspan eDischarge.

Required Referral Information

The information and documentation listed below must be included with all home healthcare referrals submitted to MedStar Health Home Care.

  • Type of referral (i.e., is it a start-of-care for a new patient or a resumption of care?)
  • Demographic sheet to include:
    • Patient’s first and last name
    • Address – This should be the location where the patient will receive homecare services. It may differ from the patient's mailing address or home address
    • Phone number
    • Email address
    • Insurance information
    • Emergency contact information
    • Patient's primary language
    • Patient-selected representative or power of attorney
  • Face-to-Face requirement documentation: The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) require that a physician have a face-to-face encounter with a patient to certify him/her for home care
  • Physician's homecare order (if face-to-face encounter documentation not required)
  • Referring physician's name and phone number
  • Physician's name and phone number who will be following the patient for homecare services
  • Medication profile
  • Hospital transfer/discharge summary and date (if applicable)
  • Patient's history and physical

Home Infusion Referral Requirements

In addition to the items listed above, the following information is also needed for infusion referrals:

  • Current labs
  • Signed physician's order with medication, dose, frequency and duration (NOTE: A nurse's verbal orders are not acceptable)
  • PICC line X-ray including indicated tip placement and length of PICC line
  • Lab/blood work orders (if applicable) and the physician who should receive the results

Home Healthcare & Infusion Referral Fax


Additional Resources for Physicians

  • Care Plan Oversight Reimbursement: CMS reimburses physicians for qualified time spent overseeing the care of patients receiving home healthcare services because they recognize the importance of on-going physician engagement in patient care.
  • PECOS Enrollment: CMS requires physicians – who order, refer or receive payment for Medicare-covered home health service and supplies – to enroll in the Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS).

Other Resources

  • Services Available: Learn more about MedStar Health Home Care’s specialized home healthcare services.
  • Service Area Map: View a map that illustrates the areas where MedStar Health Home Care provides care across Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia.
  • Payment Options: Learn more about the payment options for services offered by MedStar Health Home Care.
  • What to Expect from Home Healthcare: Gain better understanding and knowledge of how MedStar Health Home Care’s medical experts help patients heal in the comfort of home.

Contact Us

The experienced nurses in MedStar Health Home Care's Patient Intake Center can assist you and answer your questions about home healthcare services and submitting referrals.

  • Phone: 800-862-2166
  • Fax: 888-862-6082

Contact Us

To find out more about our home healthcare services, call: 800-862-2166 or fax: 888-862-6082.

Patient Referral Forms

For your convenience, you may download and print MedStar Health Home Care’s Patient Referral Forms here. To ensure timely initiation of care, please fax these completed forms and other required documentation to 888-862-6082.

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