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AI CoLab: MedStar-Georgetown Collaborative Center for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Research and Education

Advancing AI research and education through academic partnership

The MedStar-Georgetown Collaborative Center for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Research and Education (AI CoLab) is a joint initiative to create, advance, and lead artificial intelligence (AI) research and education. Built upon the long-standing partnership between MedStar Health and Georgetown University, the AI CoLab unites a diverse healthcare system with a leading academic institution strategically positioned at the intersection of research and community well-being.

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We strive to be the catalyst in shaping the future of artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) in medicine and education, with a focus on six core pillars:

  • Advancing AI Healthcare Research:  Through collaborative research between MedStar Health and Georgetown University focused on interdisciplinary and innovative approaches, the center seeks to push the boundaries of knowledge around artificial intelligence, creating impactful solutions to improve healthcare.
  • Training and Education diverse trainees in AI and ML: AI CoLab is committed to nurturing the next generation of AI and data science experts.  By providing immersive training programs, workshops, and educational opportunities, the center aims to develop a skilled workforce across MedStar Health and Georgetown University’s academic community equipped to leverage AI and data science for positive societal impact.
  • Collaborating with Industry to assess and implement AI in healthcare: Recognizing the value of industry partnerships in driving real-world applications of AI and data science, the center actively seeks collaboration with industry leaders across sectors to translate research findings into practical solutions, fostering technology transfer and promoting innovation.
  • Facilitating research collaborations: AI CoLab will facilitate the development of diverse, dynamic, and complementary skilled teams to advance AI healthcare research, driving change and building a dynamic network of experts.
  • Convening Thought Leadership to Guide the application and use of AI and ML in Healthcare: AI CoLab aims to be a leader in the AI and data science community. By organizing symposia, conferences, educational programs, and events, the center will provide a platform for players in artificial intelligence to share insights, discuss emerging trends, expand educational offerings, and dialogue among experts.
  • Driving Societal Impact of AI for all patients and healthcare team members: AI CoLab is driven by a commitment to address societal needs, such as healthcare and social equity. 

Our leadership

Nawar Shara

Nawar Shara, PhD

Founding Co-Director, AI CoLab

Chief, Research Data Science, MedStar Health Research Institute

Co-Director, Center for Biostatistics, Informatics, and Data Science (CBIDS)

Associate Professor of Medicine, Georgetown University

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Peter McGarvey, PhD

Founding Co-Director, AI CoLab

Director of Innovation Center for Biomedical Informatics, Georgetown University Medical Center

Professor, Biochemistry, Molecular & Cellular Biology, Georgetown University Medical Center

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