Intramural Grant Opportunities - MHRI

At MedStar Health, we are committed to creating an academic health system that values and supports research. We realize that this does not happen overnight and that our clinical research activity, impact, and importance will be enhanced by ongoing efforts to build multi-disciplinary and cross-institutional partnerships. Below are several intramural grant funding opportunities that will be available this year. Each one has been developed to foster collaboration, support new investigators, enhance care to our communities, and continue to advance health.

Individual Requests for Proposals (RFPs) will be disseminated for each opportunity. If you have any questions about these grants or other aspects of research at MedStar, please email

Funding opportunities

These are anticipated funding opportunities and can be subject to change. Please contact for the current status of offerings.

Rapid Research Microgrants for New Investigators

Investigators, especially those early in their careers, have shared difficulties associated with collecting and analyzing the requisite pilot data needed to compete for external research funding. Examples include demonstration of feasibility for a grant application or obtaining data to respond to grant review critiques. To address these needs, the MedStar Health Research Institute (MHRI) is making funds available to early-stage investigators to support research activities which will improve the competitiveness of proposals for external funding. This funding opportunity prioritizes new investigators, defined as any faculty or attendings who have joined MedStar Health within the last five years and are eligible to serve as a principal investigator for federally-funded grants.

  Funding Details:

  • The typical maximum is approximately $2,000.
  • Funding requests must directly support limited, short-term efforts that will contribute to likelihood of future funding.
  • Below are examples of funding requests. Please note this list is not exhaustive.
    • MHRI core services such as statistics, informatics, data science, laboratory.
    • Journal open access fees for publication (must be a reputable journal)
    • Conference travel for defined research development purpose (not covered by professional development or other resources from any clinical entity or program)
    • Research materials (tablets, audio recorders)
    • Transcription/translation services
    • Cloud services (e.g., REDCap etc.)
  • These funds are not intended to cover an investigator’s effort on a project.

Application Process:

  • Complete the Rapid Research Microgrants Application
  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis the last week of the month. If there is a more pressing need for urgent review, please indicate this on the application in the “additional comments” section.
  • You will receive a notification about your application whether it is funded or not.


New Investigator – Associate Giving Grant Fund

Funded by Associate Giving, the New Investigator Fund provides seed funding for investigators early in their career to do pilot studies that lead to sustainable external funding as an independent investigator. Since 2015, we have supported dozens of MedStar Health investigators on their research journeys and many have now progressed to become independent investigators with their own body of research and robust research team members. Prior recipients have gone on to get NIH funding, become scientific directors and/or become other leaders at MedStar Health such as in quality and safety.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Any faculty/attending (i.e., no longer in a training program) who is in the first five years of joining MedStar Health.
  • Applicants must be eligible to serve as principal investigator of a future NIH (or similar federal or foundation) grant who do not have current or previous federally-funded research as a PI.

Funding Details:

  • One applicant is selected per year and is awarded $25,000.
  • The proposed research will provide pilot data or demonstrate feasibility crucial to a planned, subsequent extramural research or career development proposal.

Application Process:

  • Complete the New Investigator Grant Application. (Coming soon!)