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MedStar Health: Audiology at Washington

Front of the MedStar Georgetown Hospital building with cherry blossoms in the foreground
3800 Reservoir Rd.
4th Fl. Main Building
Washington, DC 20007

Welcome to audiology at Washington

Audiology services at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital provide assessments, evaluations, treatments, and comprehensive rehabilitative services for children and adults with a number of common and complex auditory conditions. We also provide several hearing aid, implant, and hearing protector fittings and services.

Our services

Newborn Hearing Screening

MedStar Health’s newborn screening program technicians are trained by audiologists to administer hearing tests to newborn infants. Identifying hearing loss in infants shortly after birth is increases that change that any such condition can be treated and eliminating complications later on.

Hearing Aids

The audiologists at MedStar Health have the expertise and experience to find the right aid for your hearing needs. We will work closely with you to determine what is right for your hearing loss and your lifestyle. We also do our best to help you through what can be a challenging time—recognizing your hearing loss is never easy, and we are dedicated to assisting in your experience.

Some of the hearing aid systems offered at MedStar Health include:

Digital Hearing Aids: We dispense and program Phonak, Oticon, GN Resound and Widex hearing aids. FM Systems: A device used to reduce background noise and ensure audibility of a speech signal. It may be used by a hearing-impaired child or a child with normal hearing to help make speech more audible in noisy situations. Auditory Osseointegrated Systems: bone conduction hearing implants for conductive and mixed hearing losses or single-sided deafness. We program Cochlear BAHA, Cochlear Osia, Oticon Medical Ponto, and MED-EL Bonebridge products. ADHEAR Bone Conduction Hearing System: A non-surgical and removable hearing solution for individuals with single sided deafness or conductive hearing loss.

Visiting us

The Department of Audiology, located in MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, is on the fourth floor of the Main Building. If you choose to drive to your appointment, use Entrance 2 off of Reservoir Road and proceed to the garage for valet parking. Please be sure to remember your parking ticket; validated parking tickets provide all-day parking for $7 on campus. You can also choose to park on the street surrounding the hospital, which is metered hourly parking. From the main entrance of the hospital, proceed to the elevators for the Main Building and proceed up to the fourth floor. Proceed straight ahead and the door to our department is on the left.