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Intramural Grant Opportunities

Intramural Grant Opportunities
Intramural Grant Opportunities

At MedStar Health we are committed to creating a learning healthcare environment that values and supports research.  We realize that this does not happen overnight and that our clinical research activity, impact, and importance will be enhanced by ongoing efforts to build multi-disciplinary and cross-institutional partnerships. Below are several intramural grant funding opportunities that will be available this year.  Each one has been developed to foster collaboration, support new investigators, enhance care to our communities and continue to advance health.

Please find below a summary of 2018 MedStar Intramural Grants*.

Individual Requests for Proposals (RFPs) will be disseminated for each opportunity. If you have any question about these grants or other aspects of research at MedStar, please email [email protected].





Estimated RFP Release Date

New Investigator - Associate Giving Grant Fund

To stimulate support of scientific research for a MedStar Health new investigator that will advance health for patients in the communities we serve. Criteria for selection include: 1) The proposal will help fund a new MedStar‐investigator in any research area; 2) The principal investigator must be at a faculty/attending level and within 5 years of joining MedStar Health.

$25,000K/1 year

January 2019

MedStar Diabetes Research Fund

To support diabetes research that translates scientific discoveries into practical, life-enhancing treatments and programs for MedStar patients.

$25,000/1 year

January 2019

Greenspring Financial Insurance Limited, Inc (GFIL) Grant Program

To increase patient safety and prevent avoidable patient injury at MedStar through projects that identifies innovative ways to address prevention of losses in the areas of professional and general liability.

$25,000/1 year


CTSA - Pilot Awards for Translational and Clinical Studies

Offered through the CTSA, these grants focus on health disparities, community engaged research, novel translational methods, and interdisciplinary team science. Proposals that involve collaborations with MHRI-CTSA partners at Howard University, Georgetown University, VA Medical Center, and ORNL are generally favored.

Up to $40,000 (includes Institutional cost share)

March 2019

MedStar-Georgetown Partnership Grants

To fund a new MedStar-Georgetown collaboration in any research area. The important aspect is that this grant is helping to build a new collaboration between investigators that are Georgetown-based (i.e., located on the GUMC or MGUH campus) and those based at other MedStar facilities.

3-5 proposals funded;  $10,000-$30,000/1 year


MedStar-Georgetown Regulatory Science Grant

To fund regulatory science research – defined as projects that draw upon evidence-based scientific knowledge to inform decision-making about the safety and benefits of medical products, such as drugs and devices, and biologic and diagnostic products. For example, researchers in this emerging, interdisciplinary field may investigate molecular markers in patients with a rare disease or may engage in therapeutic discovery and development.

One proposal will be funded; approx $20,000/1 year


Charles and Mary Latham Fund

MHRI coordinates with The Latham Fund to support research in the greater Washington, DC community. The goal is to support novel research projects that advance the health of our Washington, DC patients.

1-3 proposals will be funded; approx $10,000-$15,000/1 year

August/Sept 2018

Medical Education Research Grants

This grant fund benefits MedStar investigators and the important educational research they are conducting to advance health and create new knowledge.

Pilot Studies- $10,000
Research Studies- $25,000

November 2018

*These are anticipated funding opportunities and can be subject to change. Please contact [email protected] for the current status of offerings.

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