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While science is getting better and better at treating people, we’ll never forget the importance of how we simply treat people. At MedStar Health, we use the best of our minds and the best of our hearts to serve our patients, those who care for them, and our communities.

How We Treat People

At MedStar Health, our patients tell our story. Although extraordinary, these stories of lifesaving and life-changing care are not isolated. They are simply examples of how our MedStar Health associates treat our patients day in and day out. Every day, our physicians, nurses, caregivers, and associates at all levels commit to providing this same level of care, understanding, and service to each and every MedStar Health patient.


MedStar Health Provides Patient and Longtime Ravens Fan an Unforgettable Experience

As the official medical provider for the Baltimore Ravens for more than 15 years, MedStar Health uses its partnership with the team to provide opportunities to give patients once-in-a-lifetime experiences. In 1996, Chris Streett, was shot in the shoulder while on duty as a SWAT Supervisor for the Baltimore Police Department. At the time he had a few surgeries to fix the shoulder, but suffered for over 20 years in pain from the injury. In 2017, Streett came to Jason Stein, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at MedStar Health, who was finally able to repair his shoulder. The Ravens game day experience was an opportunity for Streett, a longtime Ravens fan, to reunite with Dr. Stein and share the game as friends.


“We’re Going to Get Through This Together”

After being rushed to MedStar Health from a nearby hospital, Dvir was treated for autoimmune hepatitis. Dvir’s mother, Julie, tells the story of how the compassionate MedStar Health team supported her and stayed by her son’s side through the entire night: “One of the nurses came over to me, hugged me, and said ‘We’re going to get through this together.’ They made you feel like they’re only there for you.”


Celebrating the Victories

Mike and Amy Griffith describe how invested the MedStar Health team has been in the care of their three-year-old son, Tristan, who has autism. They share how the team has created a family setting, and how they celebrate the victories of each and every moment of progress their son has made. “There’s been multiple times when the folks who work with Tristan have come out of sessions crying because he’s made some huge breakthroughs and they’re just as excited as us … celebrating the victories [together] is pretty exciting.”


MedStar Health Physicians Provide Patient with Respect and Fast Recovery

After suffering a subdural hematoma in her brain and facing surgery, Christine Stoddard’s physician helped calm her fears. She expresses her gratitude around not only the care she received, but the respect she was shown by the MedStar Health physicians when deciding on bloodless surgery. “As a patient, you want to feel respected. The doctors I saw respected my beliefs and respected what I wanted. I am very grateful.”

Caregiver Goes the Extra Mile for Patient Without a Ride

MedStar Health ambulatory nurse coordinator, Nicole Simpkins.A patient had an appointment scheduled for a procedure at one of our pelvic surgery centers but, missed the appointment due to transportation issues.

The patient was rescheduled to come in the following week for the procedure. However, she called the day before to reschedule, due to a forecast for inclement weather—she worried snow would hinder her ability to secure transportation to and from her appointment.

After realizing that she lived a few blocks from the patient, Nicole Simpkins, a MedStar Health ambulatory nurse coordinator, called the patient and happily volunteered to pick her up and bring her in for the procedure. The patient was so grateful for Nicole’s thoughtfulness, which allowed her to receive the care she needed, when she needed it.

“She was the Angel and the Friend That I Needed”

MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center associate, Kaseana ThomasAfter suffering three strokes, a MedStar Health patient was confined to the hospital for 20 days while recuperating. Understandably a lonely experience, the patient shares how the care and compassion she received from the MedStar Health team helped her push forward to a full recovery.

“The one person who brightened up my day daily was Shawna from Housekeeping. I was starting to feel so lonely and depressed, being only 39 and suffering from three strokes and I could barely speak. Every morning when Shawna came to my room it was a blessing from God. She would do her job and go above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed and would speak with me with complete love and care. She'd open the blinds and say, ‘Hey, would you like some light in here?’”

“Just speaking with her was the best speech therapy I could have had. Every day I looked forward to her coming to my room and genuinely missed her on her days off. She was more than just a cleaning lady, she was an angel and the friend that I needed to get well enough to go home again.”

Upon making a full recovery, the patient extends her sincerest thanks to the entire MedStar Health team—“… I owe it to all of the wonderful doctors, nurses, techs, and Shawna in Housekeeping who made me feel like life is worth living and to keep pushing and to never give up. I'm receiving blessings every day and I want to extend the love.”


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