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Hospital quality ratings

MedStar Health applauds the overall effort to come up with meaningful way to quantify healthcare safety and enable people to make informed choices. These rating systems continue to improve and will eventually become more useful. However, the current lack of consistency across the different ratings organizations that claim to use similar metrics and modeling continues to cause uncertainty, as a hospital may be rated well in one report but appear to fall short by another measure. In spite of ratings, studies show that most consumers still choose their doctors based on recommendations by other doctors, friends, or family members.

MedStar Health makes information on core quality measures available on our website. We continue to work with our Patient and Family Advisory Council on Quality and Safety to understand what would be usable and meaningful information to include online so anyone can easily find it and—equally important—understand its meaning in simple terms.

“Like the airline industry and other high reliability organizations, MedStar Health shares safety innovations and lessons learned to ensure that best practices are spread freely, and errors and near misses do not occur again. As an industry, we are making progress. At MedStar Health, we compete against ourselves. We are benchmarking to zero incidents of patient harm. We will not be satisfied until we get to Zero Harm.”

-- David Mayer, MD, vice president for Quality and Safety