Gratitude Stories Archive

Each day, our care team receives expressions of gratitude at MedStar Health, as well as, hospitals and outpatient medical sites across our MedStar Health system. To further cultivate a culture of gratitude, we want to continue to share the heartfelt and inspirational testimonials we received from our friends, families, caregivers, community, and patients. We hope you enjoy the following stories and videos that feature how our culture of gratitude continues to grow.

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  • Read Willie McKnight Jr.'s story
    No Longer Afraid to Stand on His Own
  • Watch Kelly Cloman's Story
    My grandson saved my life
  • Watch Christine Stoddard's Story
    I want to be heard
  • Read Mike Berna's Story
    An EMT’s Unexpected Trip to the Emergency Department
  • Watch Henry Freedman's Story
    The Accident that Changed My Life
  • Brandon Carrington Lee
    Young Life Supports Pediatric Palliative Care
  • Watch James Wentworth's Story
    A Game Changer
  • Cheryl George's Story
    Care Experience Comes Full Circle
  • Watch Mike and Amy Griffith's Story
    Celebrating the Victories
  • Nick Cortina's Story
    A Tiny Start to Big Things
  • Watch Jessica Ceja's Story
    Inspiring Hope for a Healthy Life
  • Samuel Hollomand's Story
    Veteran Musician Stays Creative through Care
  • Watch Thene Mernick's Story
    They Gave Me Back to Him
  • Harry Urlich's Story
    Creativity for the Healing
  • Watch Kevin Kolb's Story
    I Have Hope
  • Kathy Myers' Story
    Compassionate Care for Carpenter Hobbyist
  • Watch Kenny Alexander's Story
    Great Satisfaction
  • Arthur & Elizabeth LaFleur's Story
    A Beautiful Legacy
  • Watch Felice Repas' Story
    In the Right Place
  • Patricia Chung's Story
    Rides for Therapy Patients
  • Watch Bethany Legrand's Story
    Going the Extra Mile
  • Ed Pinder's Story
    A Team’s Willingness to Further a Life
  • Lee Sommer's Story
    Pilot’s Passion Leads to Paralysis Recovery
  • Maureen O'Neil Hooker's Story
    One Heart Saves Another
  • Patrick Forbes' Story
    Perseverance and Positivity
  • Henry Rorie's Story
    Proud Veteran Conquers Appalachian Trail
  • Sarah Pheasant's Story
    Tennis Injury turn nearly Tragic
  • LaWan Sypert-Mujiheed & Family's Story
    Strong Women: A Mother and a Daughter's Resilience
  • Larry Washam's Story
    The “A-Team” Saves My Life Twice