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Managing Brain Injury

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Michael R. Yochelson, M.D., Penny Wolfe, Ph.D.
Publication Date: June 2010

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MedStar NRH Press's latest book offering is a reader-friendly guide to help people face the challenge of life following brain injury. It helps make sense of the roller coaster ride of emotional and physical changes that can overwhelm patients and caregivers. Managing Brain Injury tackles this complex condition by breaking it down into manageable pieces, providing readers with the what, how and why of brain injury and its effects.

Key points at the end of each chapter are important nuggets of information that distill the complexities of brain injury rehabilitation even further-and practical tips throughout the guide take readers step-by-step through the journey of recovery. The book de-mystifies the serious consequences of brain injury and the evolving field of brain injury treatment. It arms patients-and the people who care for them-with a better understanding about the changes they have experienced and the know-how to manage their newly configured lives.

Personal stories from patients and families are also featured and truly inspire hope. The book includes a list of critical resources about a host of topics from going to college after injury to the "how-to" of home care.

This is an essential guide for anyone facing the challenge of relearning the basics of life after brain injury, and a realistic, yet hopeful, and critical tool for recovery.

There will always be accidents, injuries, violence and the unpredictability of life. But one thing that can ease the journey is a book like Managing Brain Injury: A Guide to Living Well with Brain Injury, which offers patients and families practical, useful information and helps to make some sense out of what is often, especially initially, a senseless situation.

The brain injury experts at MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital have drawn on their years of clinical experience to help patients and caregivers cope with the process of rehabilitation. It's a realistic look at what patients and families can expect throughout the journey . . . . Especially helpful are the personal stories of hope from men and women who have suffered brain injury, moved through the rehabilitative process and successfully rebuilt their lives. I applaud MedStar NRH for compiling such a critical resource.

- From the Foreword, Bob Woodruff, ABC News