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Adaptive Fitness Helps Patient With Complex Spinal Cord Injury Stay Active

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Imagine living with a spinal cord injury as a result of simply falling in your home?

The thought is quite scary and could happen to any one of us. And so it happened to Kent Keyser, who spent more than three decades working on Capitol Hill, following a terrible mishap one evening in his basement. In one instant, Keyser went from fully functional to suffering a spinal cord injury (SCI), while not a complete injury, still leaves him needing to use a power chair and requires him to have assistance when walking.

After years of physical therapy, a lot of hard work and determination, Keyser walks 20 to 30 minutes daily; uses gym equipment to help regain strength in his arms; shoulders; back; chest; and legs.

In more than 10 years since Keyser’s SCI, adaptive fitness, like the program offered at MedStar NRH thanks to a generous grant for our patients through the Gordon & Marilyn Macklin Foundation, has provided major assistance to Keyser in keeping him active.

“I am a firm believer that good health is the foundation of an independent and productive life,” Keyser told CARF International recently. “Couple adaptive fitness with good nutrition and you have a good recipe for a life of accomplishment.”

Keyser calls himself ‘privileged’ to have done his rehabilitation at MedStar NRH. Following discharge from both inpatient and outpatient programs, Keyser heard about the Adaptive Fitness programs, conducted with different activities four times weekly at the hospital on Irving Street in D.C., that provide patients the opportunity to stay active following a debilitating injury.

The open gym time, where patients can use the equipment, was extremely important to him.

For more information on the Adaptive Fitness classes at MedStar NRH click here.

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