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Detecting Breast Cancer: Innovative Machines and Expert Specialists Come Together

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Dr Anna Choi and Dr Gina Kim-Ahn in a radiology lab at MedStar Health.

One key to the declining rate of breast cancer is advancement in early detection.

At MedStar Southern Maryland, radiologists Anna H. Choi, Gina Kim-Ahn and Tina Sprouse are on the forefront of early detection, thanks to their fellowship training and years of experience in breast imaging, paired with a new 3-D tomosynthesis digital mammography machine.

This new $500K mammography unit creates a 3-dimensional mammogram that yields an advanced form of breast imaging that is especially helpful in dense breast tissue. The 3-D mammography also allows for detection of smaller tumors and of subtle secondary findings of cancer.

“Not all mammograms are created equal. It’s best to go to a facility that specializes in breast imaging, because adequately reading a mammogram requires expertise.”

Two additional tools in the arsenal of these women, who have a combined 50 years of experience in the field, are the Breast Ultrasound and the Breast MRI. The ultrasound is a tool that uses sound waves to look at breast tissue identified as abnormal on a mammogram. The Breast MRI is the most sensitive test available and is used to evaluate the anatomy and function of breast tissue.  On the horizon is yet another test using nuclear medicine, which Choi, Kim-Ahn and Sprouse are watching, as all MedStar Medical Group Radiology physicians make sure to stay on the forefront of all new research and advance technology in their field to make sure MedStar Southern Maryland is able to provide the most state-of-the-art care.

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