Medical Residents and Physicians Deliver Presentations & Posters at 2016 AAPM&R Assembly in New Orleans | MedStar Health

Medical Residents and Physicians Deliver Presentations and Posters at 2016 AAPM&R Assembly in New Orleans

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Subjects Included Leg Pain in Stroke Patients & Destroyed Muscle Cells

Washington, D.C., – Oct. 26, 2016 — MedStar NRH Network Medical Residents and Physicians made a very strong showing at the 2016 American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Conference (AAPM&R) Annual Assembly which took place recently in New Orleans. Sports medicine, neurorehabilitation and orthopaedics were major highlights of the poster presentations.

Staff physicians presented in seminars at this year’s conference on a wide array of topics including: Sports medicine; brain injury; back and neck pain; manual manipulation; pediatric rehabilitation; cancer rehabilitation; and neurological conditions.

MedStar NRH annually has a major presence at each year’s assembly and this year was no exception.

Some of the posters presented by MedStar NRH Medical Residents included:

  • “An Unusual Cause of Leg Pain in a Stroke Patient: A Case Report” – James Liadis, MD
  • “Acute Diffuse Tendinopathy Causing Systemic Weakness and Pain Secondary to Ciprofloxacin Use: A Case Report” – Emma Nally, MD; Luis Guerrero, MD; Robert Bunning, MD
  • “Hemiballismus as the Presenting Symptom of Polycythermia Vera: A Case Report” – Emma Nally, MD
  • “A Clinical Diagnosis of Athletic Pubalgia: A Case Report” – Michael Auriemma, MD; Luis Guerrero, MD; Bryan Murtaugh, MD
  • “Statin-Induced Rhabdomyolysis Triggered by Concomitant Colchicine Administration: A Case Report” – Michael Auriemma, MD; Robert Bunning, MD

Panel seminars featuring MedStar NRH Medical Staff physicians included:

  • “Training is Over, Now What? Practical Management Pearls for the Trainee in Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine” – Arthur Jason De Luigi, DO
  • “Basics of Manual Manipulation in Physiatry: Part I – Lumbosacral, Pelvis, and Lower Extremity” – Arthur Jason De Luigi, DO; Kristin Garlanger, DO
  • “ITB Pump Management Pearls for Patients with Spasticity, Dystonia and Related Motor Disorders” – Michael Yochelson, MD
  • “The Team, the Physiatrist, and Patient Outcomes: An Iterative Problem-Solving Approach to Improve Team Effectiveness” – Brendan Conroy, MD
  • “Basics of Manual Manipulation in Physiatry: Part II – Neck, Shoulder, and Upper Extremity” – Arthur Jason De Luigi, DO
  • “Manual Manipulation on the Sidelines: Getting your Athletes Back in the Game” – Arthur Jason De Luigi, DO
  • “Best Pediatric Rehabilitation Research Poster Presentations” – Justin Burton, MD
  • “Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) for Post-Mastectomy/Reconstruction Pain Syndrome” – Arthur Jason De Luigi, DO
  • “Unique Procedures in Cancer Rehabilitation” – Eric Wisotzky, MD
  • “Cancer Rehabilitation Summit: Integration Into Practice” – Eric Wisotzky, MD
  • “Best Neurological Rehabilitation Research Podium Presentations” – Richard Zorowitz, MD

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