MedStar Health Patient Goes Home One Day After Meningioma Surgery

MedStar Health Patient Goes Home One Day After Meningioma Surgery

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Dr. Jugal Shah performs surgery at a MedStar Health hospital.

Neurological surgery services growing at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center

BALTIMORE- In a five-hour procedure at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center Nov. 14th, Neurosurgeon Dr. Jugal Shah removed a walnut-sized tumor that was growing under a patient’s skull in the membrane surrounding her brain and spinal cord. The growth of the tumor, known as a meningioma, invaded the skull bone and was impacting the patient’s speech and cognitive function. Within hours of its excision, the 52-year-old woman was sitting up and talking. She went home a day later.

Dr. Jugal Shah performs surgery at a MedStar Health hospital.
Jugal Shah, MD
Neurosurgeon, MedStar Health

Pathology tests determined the tumor to be non-cancerous, but because it was growing into the skull, Dr. Shah did not replace the two-inch round piece of bone he removed to access it. He carefully removed it and covered the patient’s brain with sterile bovine tissue. He then fitted a titanium mesh shield over the opening. It’s the third surgery like it he has performed in as many months.

“Meningiomas are the most common type of primary benign brain tumors,” said Dr. Shah. “And even though they are typically slow growing, they can have devastating consequences if untreated. In this case, the patient was experiencing slurred speech and found herself searching for words. She is recovering at home and as she heals, I expect her to fully regain her cognitive function.”

“The success of this surgery speaks to the expertise offered by the MedStar Health Neurosciences team at MedStar Franklin Square, which treats a variety of neurological conditions,” said Zeena Dorai, MD, FACS, regional director, MedStar Baltimore Neurosciences. “The surgical teams at our Baltimore MedStar Health hospitals include a diverse group of neurosurgery specialists who are vastly experienced in treating neurological conditions of the brain and spine. These are advanced offerings, often minimally invasive, and help patients with even the most complex conditions. We have evolved to be one of the premier locations in the region for patients in need of specialized neurosurgical care.”

Dr. Shah specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disease of the brain and spine, with a particular interest in minimally invasive and robotic spinal surgery. He treats spinal degeneration, instability, spinal cord and nerve compression, trauma, and cancer. In addition, he treats cranial conditions including pituitary tumors, malignant brain tumors, meningiomas, hematomas, trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasm, and hydrocephalus.