MedStar Health Telehealth Team Marks One Year of COVID-19 Response Efforts

MedStar Health Telehealth Team Marks One Year of COVID-19 Response Efforts

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A MedStar Health provider poses for a photo in front of several computers, one of them with a female patient who has called in for a telehealth visit.

The MedStar Health telehealth and philanthropy teams have partnered to produce a summary titled, “One year of historic change and care: COVID-19 telehealth response.”

Leveraging nearly a decade of foundational telehealth work that culminated in the creation of the MedStar Telehealth Innovation Center (MTIC) years before the public health emergency, MTIC commenced its COVID-19 incident command center efforts on March 13, 2020 in support of the system’s remarkable overall pandemic response.

In the historic year that followed, more than 772,750 telehealth video sessions have been delivered, representing astronomical growth that has been both essential to the system’s ongoing COVID-19 response and that has helped transform the future of care.

The summary highlights:

  • the foundational telehealth work before the crisis that enabled this rapid and robust response
  • core services and other capabilities created and/or growing exponentially during the pandemic
  • key statistics that demonstrate the critical importance of telehealth during this time
  • telehealth expansion looking past COVID-19, serving as an essential aspect of an integrated, comprehensive system of care

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