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New High-Risk Assessment and Cancer Prevention Clinic

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The new High-Risk Assessment and Cancer Prevention Clinic is dedicated to identifying and caring for individuals who have an increased risk of cancer due to family history, medical and genetic factors, and/or lifestyle influences. A diversified team will assess a patients' need to be screened for cancer-related genes, develop treatment plans that consider current and future risk, and encourage regular diagnostic testing. The team is made up of medical oncologists, gastroenterologists, gynecologists, surgeons, nurses, and a dedicated cancer genetic counselor.

Meet Jackie Dressel as she shares her story about her treatment at the High-Risk Cancer Prevention Clinic. Due to Dressel's family history of breast cancer, including her mother who died in her mid-3o's, she was screened for cancer-related genes linked to increased risk for breast and ovarian cancer. Although her results were negative, Dressel opted for a preventive double mastectomy. "I didn't want to live in fear anymore," said Dressel. "For me, it was a relief." Click here to read the full story.

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