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New Sports Medicine Outpatient Center Opens at Baltimore's MedStar Franklin Square

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Entrance to MedStar Franklin Square Hospital building

BALTIMORE - MedStar Health’s orthopaedic and sports medicine’s pre-eminence in the region continues to grow with the opening of the latest orthopaedic and sports medicine physician and therapy site on the campus of MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center.

“The new center features the expertise of MedStar Health orthopaedic and sports medicine primary care physicians, as well as MedStar Health Physical Therapy’s physical therapists in one location to serve this large east Baltimore County community,” says John Brickley, MedStar Health Physical Therapy vice president for ambulatory operations and network development.

“The program occupies two floors of the Medical Arts Building directly across the street from the hospital to provide convenient, seamless care to patients.”

East Baltimore’s First Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center
The center is the first in this area to provide a wide range of orthopaedic, sports medicine and rehabilitation services. “There has been a real need for specialized care of this magnitude in a centralized location,” Brickley says. “It’s been designed in keeping with our other orthopaedic and sports medicine centers in the Washington, D.C., area, and the Greater Baltimore region in Bel Air, Timonium and Ellicott City.

“In addition to sports medicine services, we provide full-service orthopaedic and musculoskeletal care for everything from back pain and joint replacement rehabilitation to orthopaedic injuries, as well as post-surgical care. Over time, we will be expanding services to include other specialty care, such as the expertise of a certified hand therapist in the therapy area,” he adds.

The joint project with MedStar Franklin Square—one of the largest hospitals in Baltimore with the busiest emergency room—features the skills of four physical therapists and a physical therapy assistant, says Jill Anderson, PT, MedStar Health Physical Therapy assistant vice president for the Baltimore region. “The 3,500 square-foot, fully equipped rehab gym is located adjacent to the physician offices and features the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill—unique technology that decreases the force of impact of walking and running, and increases it over time as injury heals,” Anderson explains.

“Our therapy services are focused on the full scope of sports injury rehab and prevention, including concussion care, and a ‘return to play’ program to rehab ACL knee injuries and ensure a safe return to sports activity,” she adds.

“Our physical therapists are orthopaedic certified specialists, and among the team are therapists with special certification in concussion and manual therapy,” says Laura H. Long, PT, regional director.

“We are treating both adolescents and adults—including weekend warriors and kids playing team sports. And for our patients’ convenience, we are open early and late, before and after work and school,” Long notes.

“Franklin Square Sports Medicine physicians and therapists provide services to athletes all over the area, including Maryland jockeys through the Horseman’s Health program and a variety of other professional level athletes,” Long adds.

Diverse Physician Expertise
Ten physicians are currently staffing the center, bringing together the teams of two practices with long histories of service to this community, explains David Cohen, MD, director of sports medicine at MedStar Franklin Square.

“The practice has a wide range of expertise, with orthopaedists who specialize in hand surgery, pediatrics, joint replacement surgery and general orthopaedics. Two primary care sports medicine physicians are also a critical part of the practice,” he adds.

“I provide services for the Baltimore Brigade arena football team, and Dr. Leigh Ann Curl provides orthopaedic care for the Baltimore Orioles. But we aren’t simply treating professional athletes: The center is also providing services to collegiate teams and high school athletes.

“The key feature of the center is our integrated care—including a shared waiting area for both physicians and therapists. Our location across from the hospital gives surgical patients ready access for post-procedure appointments and therapy. It is streamlined service that benefits our patients and promotes fuller recovery,” Dr. Cohen adds.

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