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Peter Turkeltaub, MD, Receives Geschwind Prize for Behavioral Neurology

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Honor is one of the most prestigious in the field

WASHINGTON, D.C., – May 3, 2017- Peter Turkeltaub, MD, PhD, has been recognized with one of the most prestigious awards in behavioral neurology.  Dr. Turkeltaub, director of the MedStar NRH Aphasia Clinic and of the Cognitive Recovery Lab at Georgetown University, a part of the Georgetown University Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery (, is the recipient of the 2017 Norman Geschwind Prize for Excellence awarded by the American Academy of Neurology (AAN). The annual award is made to an early-career scientist who has made significant contributions to the field.

Dr. Turkeltaub’s research focuses on stroke-induced aphasia, an impairment of language that affects the ability to read, write and understand or express speech. He is the principal investigator for several clinical research studies testing new interventions to improve aphasia recovery—and to better understand what brain structures and functions are used to perform language in healthy people and those with aphasia. More data about the differences may lead to more effective treatment. 

Dr. Turkeltaub is also a practicing clinician who sees first-hand how patients struggle with communication—and reach road blocks in recovery. “Today a person with aphasia doesn’t have many options after traditional speech therapy,” says Dr. Turkeltaub.  “Stroke takes away their abilities. But involvement in a clinical trial is a way to give something back. It’s ironic, but the stroke gives them an opportunity they would not have had before—they are in a unique position to contribute in a way the rest of us cannot.”

A graduate of the Georgetown University School of Medicine, Dr. Turkeltaub went on to the University of Pennsylvania for residency and a fellowship in neurology and cognitive neurology.  

“At Penn, I studied under Dr. H. Branch Coslett,” he says. “He was my mentor. But an entire generation ahead of him was trained by Norman Geschwind. It’s a special privilege to receive this award named in his honor, and I’m very grateful for this recognition of my work.”

-Written by Emily Turk


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