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New Appreciation of Life - Charles Chiang

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Charles and Christiana Chiang together built a thriving company that today encompasses 16 restaurants, food products, and work-based kiosks and commissaries. On an ordinary busy day in February 2008, the phone rang in the Chiang's McLean, Virginia, home.

“They told me that Charles had been in an accident and was on his way to Fairfax Hospital, “Christiana recalls. “His car had been destroyed, but I didn’t know anything more.”

Charles would not require an operation, but was admitted to the intensive care unit. He had suffered a serious brain injury, and the left side of his body was paralyzed, said Christina, an NRH Board of Associates member for more than 15 years.

After six days of acute care, it was clear Charles needed what only NRH could provide. During three months of intensive therapy, Charles began to gain strength in his left side. Soon he was making slow steps and then walking with a cane. And his friends, NRH Team Members and the community he loves rallied to show support. “I think he set a record,” Christiana says. “He had nearly 600 visitors over the months he was at NRH! The room was always filled with flowers – they came non-stop.”

Dr. Michael Yochelson, Medical Director of the NRH Brain Injury Program, was unbelievably wonderful and the therapists and social workers – all terrific,” adds Christiana.

Just months after the accident, Charles has returned to work part-time and continues outpatient therapy and acupuncture treatments, as well.

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