Creativity for Healing - Gratitude Story

Creativity for Healing - Gratitude Story

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After Harry Ulrich received his diagnosis of prostate cancer, he and his wife Harriet were worried about his prognosis. Concerned about finding the right provider, Harry and Harriet researched their options for care providers and discovered the CyberKnife technology at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.

Harry and Harriet Ulrich

Their search led them to Sean P. Collins, MD, at MedStar Health. “Dr. Collins had a track record of treating over 1,300 prostate cancer patients, and we were impressed by how deeply warm, relatable, and upbeat everyone on his team was,” Harry said.

The compassion, empathy, and respectful care they received from the entire team helped ease their anxiety every step of the way. Everyone from the front desk person helping them schedule treatments around travel plans, to the accommodating nurses and follow up physician. “We both felt like we were in a partnership with Dr. Collins and his team,” they said. “This is truly patient-centered care.”

Their gratitude for Dr. Collins and the entire group who helped them through Harry’s treatment led them to provide beautiful artwork to improve the aesthetic quality of the radiation oncology lobby. Harry and Harriet (pictured with their artwork) hope the improved lobby will help other patients and families feel more comfortable throughout their treatment experience.

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