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The Heart and Vascular Outpatient Center at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital

The Heart and Vascular Outpatient Center at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital

The MedStar Heart and Vascular Institute, our cardiovascular service line, is a systemwide service anchored at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital and MedStar Washington Hospital Center. The renovation, slated to be complete in January 2023, will expand our footprint for cardiovascular patient care in the Baltimore region. This new center will create a physical space where care revolves around the patient because the design brings all elements of care together–diagnostics, consultations, patient education, and counseling—all under one roof. Patients will experience seamlessly integrated cardiovascular care. This type of clinical care setting for our heart and vascular patients is the first of its kind for MedStar Health.

This new facility will seamlessly integrate the latest advancements in technology and therapy and unite medical and surgical consultative divisions, sub-specialty clinics, non-invasive testing and procedures, cardiac rehabilitation, clinical research, and patient education and provide convenience and accessibility to all specialists so patients can place their focus on where it matters, healing faster. Philanthropic support will be an integral part of this initiative to continue to serve our patients, their families, and our communities.

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This innovative initiative will give MedStar Union Memorial Hospital the opportunity to offer comprehensive and innovative therapies for cardiovascular disease to those we serve. Philanthropic partnerships with generous members of our community who share our vision and goals are essential for the success of the Heart and Vascular Outpatient Center. Your philanthropic investment will set the stage for a new day in patient care.

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Contact the philanthropy office at 410-554-2662 or email philanthropy@medstar.net .

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