MedStar Philanthropy Executive Team

  • Bruce Bartoo
    Bruce A. Bartoo, CFRE

    Senior Vice President and
    Chief Philanthropy Officer
    MedStar Health

    410-772-6517 office

  • Phil Farfel
    Phil Farfel, ScD

    Vice President, Philanthropy and
    Grant Development
    MedStar Health

    410-772-6589 office
    443-831-6859 cell

  • Leslie Matthews, MD, MBA, MS

    Medical Director of Philanthropy,
    MedStar Health
    Emeritus Chief of Orthopaedic
    Surgery, MedStar Union
    Memorial Hospital

  • Dennis Narango
    Dennis J. Narango, CFRE

    Vice President, Transformational Philanthropy
    MedStar Health

    410-772-6683 office

  • Aaron Piccirilli
    Aaron J. Piccirilli

    Vice President, Philanthropy
    MedStar Health Institutes

    Vice President, Philanthropy
    MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center

    443-777-7935 office

  • Kristi Rasmussen
    Kristi Rasmussen, CFRE

    Vice President, Philanthropy
    MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital
    MedStar Union Memorial Hospital

    MedStar Good Samaritan
    MedStar Union Memorial

  • Emily Riffle
    Emily Riffle, CFRE

    Vice President and Chief Philanthropy Officer
    MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

    202-444-2239 office

  • Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith

    Vice President, Philanthropy
    MedStar Montgomery Medical Center

    301-774-8777 office

  • Courtney Van Shura
    Courtney Van Shura, CFRE

    Vice President
    Philanthropy Services
    MedStar Health

    410-772-6659 office

High-performance outcomes

For the ninth consecutive year, the MedStar Health Philanthropy program has received recognition from the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy as an industry high performer. We are proud to be one of 84 members of the Association to be recognized with this honor and we are truly grateful for all who partner to help us advance health in the communities we serve.