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The Center for Successful Aging

The Center for Successful Aging provides quality healthcare and support services for our aging population. We provide diagnosis and treatment, connect individuals with essential services and resources, offer robust social and emotional health support, and dedicated caregiver support. This comprehensive care approach is tailored specifically for older adult patients. What you may not be fully aware of is the indispensable role that philanthropy has played in launching the center and fostering this holistic approach. 

A nurse comforts an elderly patient.

Thanks to the generosity of Kathryn Lindquist, MedStar Montgomery has initiated its inaugural endowment fund, benefiting the center. This endowment serves as a sustainable financial investment mechanism, pooling philanthropic investments to generate returns that ensure enduring impact for future generations. Established strategically, the fund reinforces our dedication to providing high-quality care for our aging community members, addressing their healthcare needs both presently and in the future. Additionally, it provides an avenue for those who value the center to actively contribute and make a difference.

Philanthropy has helped provide the Center for Successful Aging with a solid foundation to our operations and enhancements to the center, including furnishing the resource room and providing comfort amenities like a blanket warmer for patients. 

We invite you to join us in building a resilient future, where philanthropy addresses the needs of our aging community by supporting the Center for Successful Aging endowment. Make a gift today.

For those looking to create a legacy in their estate plans, the Center for Successful Aging Endowment is a worthwhile consideration. Connect with our philanthropy office at or call 301-774-8777 to learn more about ways philanthropy drives advancement at the Center for Successful Aging.