Ways to Give |Charitable Donation | MedStar Health

There are many ways to express gratitude and celebrate the extraordinary care provided by the MedStar Health team. Please use one of the options below or contact us at philanthropy@medstar.net to let us know how you want to partner with us.

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Give by phone

Call us at 410-772-6747

Mail your gift

Give by mail, UPS, or FedEx

To make a gift by check, please make it payable to MedStar Health and send it with the entity designation and purpose to:

MedStar Health
Office of Philanthropy
10980 Grantchester Way, 7th Floor
Columbia, MD 21044

Note: For calendar year tax credit, gifts sent by USPS must be postmarked by December 31, and gifts sent by FedEx or another courier must be received by December 31.

Give stocks or mutual funds

When making your gift of stock or mutual funds, please tell your brokerage to provide the following information with the transfer:
  • Your name

  • Name of the security to be transferred and number of shares to be transferred

  • Name and contact information for the brokerage firm

  • Purpose of gift or intended entity within MedStar Health

Note: Per IRS guidelines, stocks or bonds are valued on the average of the high and low selling prices on the date of transfer, multiplied by the number of shares donated.

Key information to include:

  • Depository Eligible Security (DTC) number: 2669

  • Northern Trust Company

  • Account number: 44-82990

  • Account name: MedStar Health gift account

Mutual funds
MedStar Health uses Northern Trust Corporation to handle contributions from mutual funds. Please do not establish an account at the mutual fund in the name of MedStar Health. Northern Trust will establish a shell account at the fund and provide you as donor with the account number so that you can complete the transfer. To facilitate this donation, please contact the Office of Philanthropy at 410-772-6747 or via email at philanthropy@medstar.net.

Note: Mutual funds are valued based on closing price (net asset value) on the date the donated shares are transferred rom the donor’s control, multiplied by the number of donated shares.

Give by wire transfer

To make your gift via wire transfer, contact your banking institution and provide the following information.

Wire instructions (for U.S. Dollar)
Northern Trust Company
Chicago, IL 60675
ABA # 071000152
Account Name: Master Trust Incoming Wire Account Credit
Account # 5186061000

Key information to include:

  • For Further Credit (FFC) Account Name: MedStar Health
  • Gift FFC account number: 44-82990

How to recommend a gift through a donor-advised fund

  1. Request a grant distribution through your DAF sponsor.
  2. Include the tax ID of your designation.

  3. Indicate whether your gift is designated to a specific program or area of greatest need.

IRA charitable rollover gifts

If you are 70½ or older, you can direct up to $100,000 each calendar year to a qualified charity directly from your IRA.

Note: Under the SECURE Act, which took effect in January 2020, the new age at which required minimum distributions (RMDs) must start is age 72. Despite the delay in the starting age for RMDs, though, Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) from IRAs will not be affected by the SECURE Act; accordingly, QCDs may still be taken from IRAs as early as age 70½.

To make a charitable IRA rollover: Contact your IRA administrator and request a distribution to be made to MedStar Health directly from your IRA. Request that your administrator include your name with the distribution. Check with your administrator for any deadlines that may have an impact on your gift.

Request that checks be sent to: MedStar Health
Office of Philanthropy, 7th Floor
10980 Grantchester Way
Columbia, MD 21044
  • Include the tax ID of your designation.

  • Indicate whether your gift is designated to a specific program or area of greatest need.

Please contact the Office of Philanthropy at 410-772-6747 or via email at philanthropy@medstar.net to inform us of the purpose and intended entity of your IRA rollover gift.

Memorial and tribute gifts

A tribute gift is an opportunity to honor a special someone through a philanthropic investment at MedStar Health. Your honoree will receive a communication, sharing your commitment and kind words, unless you wish to remain anonymous.

Tribute gifts are a great way to…
  • Express gratitude to a friend
  • Remember a family member
  • Honor a colleague
  • Celebrate an occasion

Suggested language for obituary
In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made in memory of a [[name of loved one]] to [[designation]] at [[hospital name]]. Checks, made out to MedStar Health, can be mailed to: 10980 Grantchester Way, Office of Philanthropy, 7th floor, Columbia, MD 21044.

If you’d like a specific giving link for your loved one, please email philanthropy@medstar.net. If you would like to make a gift of tribute, click here and complete the section: My Gift is in Honor/Memory.

Questions? Contact us at philanthropy@medstar.net.

Gift planning

Unlike cash donations, planned gifts, also referred to as “deferred gifts,” are typically made from assets in your estate, rather than disposable income. There are several ways to make a planned gift:

Giving a bequest through your will or trust offers a way to support MedStar Health without impacting your discretionary spending.

Life income gifts allow you to make a gift and receive income back for life or a term of years for you or a member of your family.

Beneficiary designations of your retirement account or insurance policy are easy to implement and can be completed through a change of beneficiary form.

Other creative gift plans provide opportunities to transfer ownership of real estate, personal property, or another asset to allocate a planned gift to MedStar Health.