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A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is a set of tests that are used to identify a person’s physical skills, functional capabilities, activity endurance, and work tolerances. The FCE is a 6-to-8-hour evaluation that is administered over two days by an occupational therapist or physical therapist.

Work simulations are included in the FCE when the goal of the evaluation is to determine if a patient can safely perform the job duties of a specific job. Results of the evaluation are utilized to provide recommendations regarding a patient’s ability to return to work, return to work with restrictions, or the need for accommodations to safely return to work.

FCE’s are also utilized to establish baseline abilities for work hardening or work conditioning programs and are often used by physicians to assist with completion of disability and/or work forms.

FCE results and recommendations are discussed with the patient at the conclusion of testing. A comprehensive FCE report is sent to the referring physician and any other appropriate stakeholders (i.e., lawyer, adjuster, nurse case manager, vocational specialist).

For further information regarding FCE’s, please contact 410-554-2170.

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