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MedStar Health Home Care Medical Records Requests

This medical records request is for MedStar Health Home Care patients and caregivers only.

If you are looking for medical records from a different entity within the MedStar Health system, please visit the myMedStar portal

Patients requesting billing or medical records please complete this Medical Record Release Authorization form.

Caregivers requesting medical records on behalf of the patient must be designated as the patient’s official power of attorney (POA). The POA should complete the Medical Record Release Authorization form and must provide the signed POA form.

  • Send the completed and signed release request, along with the POA form (if applicable) to vna-medicalrecords@medstar.net.
    Please include your name and date of birth in the message. You can also mail the request to:

    MedStar Health Home Care, Central Maryland Agency
    5233 King Avenue
    Suite 200
    Rosedale, MD 21237

Attorneys, physician offices,  insurance companies, etc. may e-mail their medical records requests along with a signed patient Medical Record Release Authorization form to vna-medicalrecords@medstar.net. An agent will be in touch with you if further information is needed.