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The traditional way of treating a herniated disc is to perform a discectomy. This minimally invasive procedure is performed through an incision down the center of the back over the area of the herniated disc. The muscles are moved to the side so that the surgeon can see the back of the vertebrae. X-rays may be required during surgery to make sure the correct vertebra is located. The doctor cuts a small opening through the lamina bone on the back of the spinal column. This procedure gives the doctor room to see and work inside the spinal canal.

Upon locating the problem disc, the surgeon removes it, easing pressure and irritation on the nerves of the spine. Small instruments are used to remove as much of it as possible. This prevents the remaining disc material from herniating in the future.

About Discectomy

Traditional Open Discectomy – a small incision is made so the surgeon can view the disc and then removes a part or all of it.

Minimally Invasive Discectomy – requires a much smaller incision and special instruments to remove the disc

Endoscopic discectomy – utilizes a camera, X-rays and special tools to view the and remove the disc tissues.

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