Radial Recovery Lounge
Dr. Nauman Siddiqi and Dr. John Wang

Cardiac catheterization patients never recovered like this before

At MedStar Union Memorial Hospital, our experts are specially trained in Transradial Catherization, which allows for faster recovery and greater comfort for our patients. In fact, our physicians perform over 80% of catheterizations through the radial artery-that’s double the national average! As a result, our interventional cardiologists have perfected this technique and patients benefitting from this alternative to traditional catheterization which is now become the gold standard. For many patients, cardiac catheterization can be performed through the radial artery in the wrist, instead of using an artery in the groin.

Advantages of transradial catheterization

  • More comfortable procedure
  • Patients can often eat within an hour of their procedure.
  • Recovery time is much faster. Following the procedure, a simple wristband is used to compress the artery. Patients can sit up and move around much faster.
  • There is virtually no risk of bleeding complications where the catheter is inserted. This is especially important for patients who have other medical conditions, such as bleeding disorders, obesity
  • or peripheral arterial disease.

Recovery just got an extreme makeover

At MedStar Union Memorial, we designed a recovery lounge just for radial catheterization patients! Unlike anything else in the region, patients can recover in an environment that is more hotel lobby than hospital. In the lounge, we provide several amenities, such as:

  • Beverages
  • Charging stations
  • Internet access
  • iPads to view patient education videos
  • Resource room to discuss your procedure with your physician and receive any additional instructions from your nurse
  • Snacks
  • TV

The radial recovery lounge at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital was featured in a recent issue of Cath Lab Digest. Learn more.


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