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Learning and research programs focused on quality and safety

As part of our mission at MedStar Health Institute for Quality and Safety, we offer many educational and training opportunities for all levels of students, residents, physicians, and providers around the world. These high-quality programs, which are often not included in traditional medical and health sciences curriculum, are designed to enhance healthcare delivery and to help improve patient care outcomes.

The Institute is also focused on research that can lead to innovations and discoveries with these same goals in mind. We design, implement, and test various innovations with an eye toward improving people’s health. To better ensure our success with these endeavors, we also partner with patients, family members, and caregivers to co-produce health innovations that can make a real difference.

Executive Master’s in Clinical Quality, Safety, and Leadership

The Executive Master’s program will immerse learners in advanced theory and concepts of healthcare quality, safety science, and organizational leadership. Two track options are available: Quality and Safety and Human Factors. The degree requires 32 credit hours, which can be completed on a full- or part-time basis. Most coursework is online with a 3-day onsite residency held at Georgetown University.

Scholarships for the Executive Master's in Clinical Quality, Safety & Leadership at Georgetown University

MedStar Health associates can earn a $20,000 scholarship for the Executive Master’s in Clinical Quality, Safety and Leadership program at Georgetown University. Up to four scholarships will be offered for the Spring term starting in January of each year. The MedStar Health Institute for Quality and Safety will award the scholarships to highly motivated MedStar Health associates looking to advance their leadership skills in the field of patient safety and quality.

The Executive Master’s program is a 16-month, on-line program that immerses learners in advanced theory and concepts of healthcare quality, safety science and organizational leadership. Additional information about the program can be found at:

Scholarship applications will open in July 2022. Interested associates must meet the scholarship criteria and submit a completed application by September 1, 2022. For information on criteria, requirements and the application process please visit the Scholarship Program Starport Page. Note that you must be on the MedStar Network to view the page.

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Executive Certificate programs

Our two Executive Certificate programs include Patient Safety and Quality as well as Healthcare Safety and Leadership. These online programs, which include 12 credit hours, allow learners across the country to access Georgetown University’s education in healthcare safety science and quality.

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Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety

This program is a transformative 4 days of immersive workshops that offer resident physicians, graduate nursing students, and medical students an opportunity to learn profoundly about patient safety concepts. We also equip participants to share these lessons with colleagues upon return.

Applicants are chosen based on their demonstrated interest in patient safety, history of leadership, and commitment to ongoing education in patient safety. Participants experience hands-on education and training from internationally renowned patient safety advocates on such concepts as:

  • Open communication after unexpected harm
  • Providing first aid to colleagues
  • Leadership and mindfulness
  • System error and human factors engineering
  • Transparency

Customized international learning programs

The MedStar Health Institute for Quality and Safety offers education in patient safety, quality, and leadership around the world. Our seasoned faculty experts can tailor a successful curriculum for your organization’s particular needs. We’ve created programs for large and small teams of healthcare providers and administrators from Canada to Qatar to Australia.

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Quality and Safety Physician Leadership Fellowship

This fellowship offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to shape a unique experience based on your quality and safety interests. The fellow will study under the guidance of the Program Director and past Quality and Safety Fellow, Dr. Melanie Grady, and receive oversight and mentorship from MIQS leaders.

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Human Factors and Patient Safety Workshop

Human Factors is a multi-disciplinary science that focuses on understanding the interaction among humans and other elements of a system within a given environment. Applying human factors to healthcare reduces medical errors and allows clinicians to deliver better patient care. Human factors boosts work processes, enhance patient safety, reduce inefficiencies, and improve quality. As healthcare delivery becomes increasingly more complex, human factors engineering has proven to be a powerful approach for proactively reducing harm. MedStar Health is proud to offer a Human Factors and Patient Safety Workshop on October 19 - 20, 2023 that will bring together leaders from across the system including human factors engineers, risk management professionals, practicing clinicians, and healthcare safety leaders with vast experience studying risk and implementing innovative change within healthcare organizations.

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