Bed Frame Cable Holder

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When a patient has multiple, powered devices in use, particularly on the bed or at the foot of the bed, many times the electrical cords running along the floor under the bed present a tripping hazard for staff and families. Beds do not have hooks to suspend these cords up off of the floor.


Cutting away portions of a urinal container can leave a shape that sits on a portion of the bed frame and allows attachment of the cords. The container is cut such that it forms a “U” shape down its length (see photo). Slits cut in the side secure a piece of gauze, tape, Velcro strap, or other attachment mechanism. The low profile of the urinal container does not hinder or limit height or mattress angle adjustment operations of the bed.


Scissors, plastic urinal container, elastic band, ace bandage that can adhere to itself.
Optional: Velcro or tape to secure cords to holder.

Meet the MInnovator
Helena Crescini
MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center

How long have you been a Nurse?
I’ve been a nurse for about 20 years, with MedStar for 10 years.

Why did you choose to be a nurse?
After graduating high school, nursing has the most promising future. Took up nursing because resources were available for me as my older sister has just graduated from nursing school.

What would you do if you weren't doing this?
I would probably be in the arts field.

What was your first job?
My first non-formal job was related to medical detailing with Glaxosmithkline while waiting for the board exam result. After passing the boards, I worked as an RN in a hospital back home in the Philippines.

What is your most memorable experience?
I was just recently on a trip to Italy with my family. We had a one in a million chance to see the Pope in person, so close, that of arms reach. This does not just happen in one's daily life. I would say this is my priceless experience.

Where do you find your inspiration?
My father was my greatest influence. He is the original jack of all trades, and my mom always says that I for this part of his character. But in terms of inspiration, I really have no particular inspiration in life. I just tend to adjust to the situation and inspiration arises according to circumstances.

What is your favorite book/movie?
No particular title, but I like reading true to life stories and love to watch documentaries.