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MedStar Health: Behavioral Health at MedStar Harbor Hospital

MedStar Harbor Hospital, Baltimore, MD
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Welcome to behavioral health at MedStar Harbor Hospital

MedStar Health is proud to offer behavioral health, psychiatry, and counseling services. As a reflection of our commitment to our patients, their loved ones and caregivers, we have developed collaborative relationships with various service providers and community professionals to offer a comprehensive approach to treating individuals seeking care for behavioral health, psychiatric difficulties, emotional challenges, substance use challenges, and more.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, our team of psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, case managers, social workers, clinical counselors, and technicians provide comprehensive, compassionate care. We work closely with patients and their loved ones to develop tailored care plans that foster healing for patients and their families. This includes identifying resources that offer support for patients and their loved ones.

If you or a loved one family member is struggling with mental illness, behavioral health issues, or addiction, you are not alone. Our team of professionals is available to help. Call us now for more information on the available services.


Our hospital campus now serves as a true center of excellence in behavioral health, offering:

  • Outpatient behavioral health therapy
  • Inpatient behavioral health unit
  • Partial hospitalization day program
  • Crisis intervention


Partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs

The partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs are intended to reduce psychiatric symptoms and prevent an inpatient hospital stay. This structured environment includes diagnostic and medical evaluation, group psychotherapy, multidisciplinary group modalities, and, if necessary, medication therapy.


MedStar Health participates with most major health insurance plans. Please contact your insurance company to make sure your plan is covered.