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The Women's Board at MedStar Montgomery Medical Center

Supporting MedStar Montgomery for over 100 years

The Women's Board has been a supporter of our community hospital since its inception in 1920. This organization is the largest philanthropic group of MedStar Montgomery Medical Center. Funds raised support Women's Board pledges made to MedStar Montgomery and their Scholarship Program, for students pursuing a degree in healthcare.

The Women's Board is a volunteer service organization made up of more than 100 members.

The primary activities of the Women's Board include the:

Each member of the Women's Board acts as an ambassador in representing the hospital to the community. Our members feel pride and genuine involvement in each of our projects; they are dedicated to helping our surrounding neighbors.

Scholarship program

Each year the Women’s Board awards scholarships to deserving students in the healthcare field.

Learn more about the Women's Board Scholarship Program

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop, managed by the Women’s Board, provides our guests, patients and employees with a convenient on-site location to purchase beautiful gifts.

We offer:
  • Flowers and greeting cards
  • Jewelry and trendy handbags
  • Stuffed animals
  • Clothing: night gowns, fashionable shirts, and scarves
  • Convenience store items, such as snacks and magazines
    …And more!

Proceeds from Gift Shop sales support Women's Board pledges made to MedStar Montgomery Medical Center and their Scholarship Program.

We welcome community volunteers. Contact us at to learn more.

Location: Lobby of MedStar Montgomery Medical Center
Daily Hours: 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Monday through Friday 
Contact: 301-570-8500 ext. 2297

If you cannot make it into the hospital but would like to send a gift or card to a patient, you can call the Gift Shop and we can arrange a purchase over the phone and have one of our volunteers deliver it to the patient's room.

Thrift Shop

The Women's Board Thrift Shop, which supports MedStar Montgomery Medical Center, is Olney’s best kept secret! It is a wonderful place to find just what you are looking for! It has gifts, decorative materials, and necessities. Items may include:

  • Clothing for men, women, and children
  • Shoes and accessories
  • Children's toys
  • A wide array of books
  • Vintage and collectibles
  • Office supplies
  • Jewelry
  • Holiday room
  • Household goods
  • …And more! - New Items every day!

Proceeds from Thrift Shop sales support Women's Board pledges made to MedStar Montgomery Medical Center and the Women’s Board Scholarship Program.

Location: Corner of Prince Philip Drive and Route 108 (Olney-Sandy Spring Road)

Hours: Monday through Saturday. Open for sales from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and donations from
2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
| Refer to the Women's Board's Facebook page for changes to this schedule. Contact 301-774-9638 or with any questions.

The Women's Board appreciates every donation. It is through the generosity of these donations that the Women's Board Thrift Shop can support the mission of the Women’s Board. Unfortunately, due to space/storage limitations, safety, legal, or environmental concerns, we cannot accept the following items listed on this document.

In Montgomery County, thrift shops and non-profit organizations are subject to the bag tax. Recyclable bags are welcome.

The Thrift Shop has a long history, beginning in 1966 at the Barnsley House in Olney. Though its location changed over the years, the support it's given the hospital has remained the same. Today, the Thrift Shop is housed in the former Nurses' Home, built in 1937. Since then, the landmark has gone through many renovations, but thanks to the community-it has become a local treasure!


Events such as the Children’s Holiday Shop and Corks for a Cause & Bingo help the Women’s Board maintain prominence in the community. We offer diverse programming with active and vibrant activities and opportunities. We are an organization that people are excited to be involved in.

Learn more about the Women's Board events

2022 to 2024 Executive Board Officers

  • President Amy Cutlip Cohen
  • President-Elect
    Susan Sullivan
  • Recording Secretary
    Tess Magee
  • Corresponding Secretary
    Lisa Mix
  • Treasurer
    Deborah Whittington Tocknell
  • Parliamentarian
    Christine Hill Wilson

The Women's Board timeline

  • Click here to view the Women's Board timeline.
    1919: The Ladies Auxiliary is formed with eight members to: organize volunteers; supervise hospital housekeeping and grounds; fold surgical dressings; provide and repair linens; and raise funds

    1920: Dr. Jacob Wheeler Bird establishes Montgomery County General Hospital, today known as MedStar Montgomery Medical Center; the first Chicken Supper raises $1,000

    1921: First Donation Party is held, later known as the Annual Donation Day  Tea, to collect home canned vegetables, fruits, jams, jellies, linens and money for the hospital

    1926: The Ladies Auxiliary becomes the Women’s Board with 53 members

    1935: The Women’s Board and Howard County Auxiliary prepare 50,955 surgical dressings

    1937: Board of Directors and the Women’s Board sponsor a county-wide fund drive to build a nurse’s home on hospital property

    1943 to 1944: “Phantom” Suppers are held during World War II to raise funds

    1957: The Jean Bird Scholarship is created

    1967: Women’s Board opens The Thrift Shop in Olney

    1969: Scholarship Fund is established. Donation Day Tea is discontinued

    1970: Gift Shop is opened in the old hospital

    1971: New hospital opens and Thrift Shop moves to former Nurse’s Home

    1973:Pledges $100,000 to complete the hospital’s 5th floor; Gift Shop is staffed entirely by volunteers from the Women’s Board and the community; the Memorial Gift Fund is established

    1974: Women’s Board becomes part of the hospital organization and 10 scholarships are awarded

    1976: Linens committee has 22 volunteers and works 815 hours to make 304 curtains and 862 stretcher covers

    1980: 60th Annual Picnic & Bazaar raises more than $24,000

    1981: Women’s Board underwrites the hospital’s chaplaincy program for one year; The Thrift Shop Fashion Show is held in the cafeteria for hospital employees; Emeritus status for long-time active members is adopted

    1983: Women’s Board sponsors a luncheon for The Thrift Shop, Gift Shop, gift cart, and linen committee volunteers; 204 men and women attend

    1985: First Gifts of Light is held

    1990: 70th Anniversary Picnic & Bazaar raises $50,000; Women’s Board contributes $154,000 to hospital and makes $500,000 three-year pledge to the Capital Improvement Campaign

    1991: 19 scholarships are awarded, many to hospital employees

    1994: 55 scholarships are awarded: 29 new and 26 re-awards

    1996: Pledges $500,000 toward the Samuel Riggs IV Critical Care Area; The Gift Shop is enlarged and refurbished; The Gifts of Light raises $5,000

    1998: 59 scholarships are awarded; Women’s Board gives $100,000 one-time undesignated grant to hospital

    1999:Purchases two bicycles for security patrol; Women’s Board and the philanthropy team partner to launch Annual Book Talk & Tea

    2000: Hospital’s 80th Anniversary. The Thrift Shop, Gift Shop, and annual Picnic & Bazaar have record year--$475,000 given to the hospital and $200,000 raised for hospital-related scholarships.

    2001: Makes three-year $800,000 pledge for pediatric emergency center within the Howard R. Gudelsky emergency department; Office created for Women’s Board within the philanthropy suite; and webpage is created on hospital’s website; the associate member category is instituted

    2002: 84 scholarships are awarded

    2004: Pediatric Emergency Center pledge of $800,000 is completed ahead of schedule; Pediatric Emergency Center opens

    2005: Pledges $1 million for the Cardiovascular Program; Gift Shop is to be expanded; Membership is now 142

    2007: Pledges $1 million for the Building Expansion Project

    2010:Makes 10-year $1.75 million pledge towards the da Vinci Surgical System after Building Expansion Project is complete

    2011: Awarded the “Hospital Award for Volunteer Excellence” (HAVE) given by the American Hospital Association

    2013: The hospital lobby is named after the Women’s Board

    2014: Pledges $1.5 million to renovate the hospital lobby and gift shop

    2015: Completes $1.75 million pledge for the da Vinci Surgical System in five years

    2017: The newly renovated Women’s Board hospital lobby and The Gift Shop dedicated

    2019: Completes $1.5 million pledge for Hospital Lobby and Gift Shop renovations. Pledges $2 million for the Department of Medicine to support renovations to the 3rd floor of the hospital, enabling the expansion of the pulmonary program, and renovation of the 1st floor surgical waiting area. The pledge also provides for repairs and improvements to the Thrift Shop.

    2020: Continues Anniversary celebration by recognizing years of membership and multi-generational members. During the COVID-19 pandemic, continues to find ways to contribute, including donating candy, snacks, and floral inventory from the Gift Shop to hospital employees, providing 65 meals to MedStar Montgomery staff, and donating $5,000 to the MedStar Montgomery COVID-19 Critical Needs Fund.

    2021: The Women’s Board continues to step-up during the COVID-19 Pandemic by bringing the community together with the 100th Picnic and Bazaar.