Ways to Support COVID-19 Response Efforts

Gratitude Matters for Our Caregivers 

This is a critical time for caregivers and patients. Share your gratitude for our team by supporting our Coronavirus (COVID-19) response efforts. As a non-profit healthcare organization, our goal is to further our mission of providing the highest quality of medical care to our patients each and every day.

Gifts may be designated to MedStar Health or multiple hospitals and services to support the team’s COVID-19 Critical Needs Fund, helping to offset unanticipated expenses related to the pandemic. To choose multiple designations, select the amount and designation, then click add. You may add as many as you wish.

Gifts may be tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. The non-profit tax ID number for MedStar Health is 52-2087445.

Make an Online Gift

Give by Phone or Text

Text CAREGIVER to 71777


Caring for Our Caregivers

Give by Mail, UPS, or FedEx

To make a gift by check, please make it payable to MedStar Health and send it with the entity designation and purpose to:

MedStar Health Office of Philanthropy
10980 Grantchester Way, 7th Floor
Columbia, MD 21044


Click here for more ways to support the COVID-19 response efforts.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 410-772-6747 or via email at [email protected]

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Thank you for your efforts during these rough times! Your efforts do not go unnoticed. It is because of your bravery that we continue to make progress and will eventually conquer this virus!

Patrick B.

Sending so much gratitude and encouragement to you all on the front lines of COVID-19 relief! As a Georgetown University student, your hardwork and dedication certainly doesn't go unnoticed. As you continue pushing to end this fight, I'd like you to remember that there are people supporting you & rooting for you-Thank you again!

Aaryn Taft

Thank you for sacrificing sleep and helping us on the frontlines of this crisis! You are our everyday heroes doing extraordinary things!

Patricia G.

Dear Healthcare Workers: I wish you could hear the applause from all of us at 7 p.m. like people in Italy or New York have been doing! I am so grateful for everything that you are doing - to the nurses, assistants, doctors, staff who are keeping the hospitals clean and running. Please know that we are all thinking of you, proud of you, and that we appreciate all your work and sacrifices. With gratitude, Daniela B.

Daniela B.

Thank you for all you're sacrificing to keep us all safe!! Your hardwork and dedication has not gone unnoticed! We, as a community, are appreciative of you!!

Meredith T.

Thank you for all of the hard work and dedication to keeping us all healthy and safe. Superheros have nothing on y'all. Stay strong and thank you.

Olivia H.

Hi, thank you for all your efforts and it’s not going unnoticed!! I hope you keep your head up and stay sane ❤️

Winnie A.

I want to send a huge Thank you to MedStar Health for the hard work and dedication that you are providing to our patients and to our staff who are in these trying times manage to have strength not to think of themselves but to think of the lives of our counterparts. We are one nation and we are all in this together. And for that I'm proud to be apart of a great organization.

Carla G.

Thank you so much for working around the clock and putting yourselves at risk to take care of our community! May God bless you and keep you safe!

Michelle T.

Thank you to EVERYONE working to keep us safe at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. I'm especially proud of my mom, Jean Brown, for her work as a SICU nurse at the hospital. She is my hero!

Greer R.

A sincere thank you to our newest Heroes- our healthcare and medical professionals especially those at MedStar Franklin Square. You are remembered each day as you work effortlessly to help protect and assist those in need! Thank you!!

David R.

Thank you for all you are doing on the front line to care for our patients and fight COVID. I greatly appreciate your dedication, expertise and sacrifices. Stay safe and take care.

Lisa W.

The efforts from the pharmacy has been remarkable. Making the efforts of delivery to assure me that my parents will continue to receive their medications contact free for their safety has truly lifted a weight off my shoulders. I live in a different part of the area and was able to transfer my medications and also have them delivered. Most people think of the pharmacy last but I truly appreciate MedStar pharmacy

Ingrid M.

Thank you for all that you do, especially to the therapists working hard to help all patients through the rehabilitation process!

Amanda S.

You are on the front lines of this fight, and we are all so grateful for your bravery and expertise. Thank you for showing courage in the face of long odds and for persisting day after day.

Elizabeth M.