Ways to Support COVID-19 Response Efforts

Gratitude Matters for Our Caregivers 

This is a critical time for caregivers and patients. Share your gratitude for our team by supporting our Coronavirus (COVID-19) response efforts. As a non-profit healthcare organization, our goal is to further our mission of providing the highest quality of medical care to our patients each and every day.

Gifts may be designated to MedStar Health or multiple hospitals and services to support the team’s COVID-19 Critical Needs Fund, helping to offset unanticipated expenses related to the pandemic. To choose multiple designations, select the amount and designation, then click add. You may add as many as you wish.

Gifts may be tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. The non-profit tax ID number for MedStar Health is 52-2087445.

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Caring for Our Caregivers

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To make a gift by check, please make it payable to MedStar Health and send it with the entity designation and purpose to:

MedStar Health Office of Philanthropy
10980 Grantchester Way, 7th Floor
Columbia, MD 21044


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If you have any questions, please contact us at 410-772-6747 or via email at [email protected]

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Thank you for not giving up on us because of your fear of Covid-19.

Christina, Tunbridge Charter School

Thank you for dedicating your hard work to help others.

Gabriel, Tunbridge Charter School

Yall are very cool. thank you for your support

Dackrin, Tunbridge Charter School

Coming from noah from tunbridge charter school thanks for not giving up on us thanks for saying kids risking your life for others its really kind by noah 🙂 and thanks for helping with covid 19

Noah, Tunbridge Charter School

I was admitted on December 30th for a 12 day stay and treatment for COVID-19. Before this experience I had never spent a night in the hospital. Frankly, I was terrified with the many unknowns related to the virus. My fears were soon settled as the medical treatment by the care givers began to take effect. My life was changed by the professionalism, and care that I received during what was somewhat of a traumatic experience. I remember the calming voice of one ER nurse as I was being unloaded by the ambulance crew ( I wish I could recall her name). Even though I was somewhat dazed by all that was going on, I remember the smiles from personnel as I was processed into the ER. Once I was assigned a room 2B36 (I think), there were multiple nurses and technicians providing care. One travel nurse, Brian (he was from Charlottesville) was particularly kind and attentive as he performed various tasks. He would always come into the room with a warm greeting, "how are you feeling today Mr. Lee". Also, Dr. Mahindra was absolutely amazing as she provided bedside care. She spoke with my wife almost daily during my stay, when she came to my room she was very methodical as she explained the various procedures and medications that I was given. Her demeanor gave me faith and trust that the staff were prepared to give me the care that I needed to eventually go home to my family, and for that I am grateful. My wife even received calls from Dr. Chile, the VP of Medical Affairs. I'm home and recuperating due to the professionalism and experience of the staff and various caregivers. Those folks who are providing care to covid-19 patients, are all heroes for the service they provide to our respective communities.

Robert L.

Thank you for all that you do to help and support those in need during this COVID-19 pandemic.
Thomas Gaiter Foundation continues to support heroes like you!!!

Perpetua G.

I cannot in any way really express how thankful I am for the multitude of nurses, drs and other hospital staff I have seen this past year. I've been to the hospital more times than I care to admit over the past 12 months, my body is fighting me. But! The nurses and drs have been so great. I know its been a hard year on you all but I am forever grateful for the care and compassion I have been shown. Please know that you have made a difference. I hate going to the emergency room ever because I feel like other people have it worse. No matter what reason I do come in I'm never treated badly and some of the staff even knows me by my tattoos now. (I wish that wasn't true but ya know lol). I pray that no one ever says "wow it's been slow" on your shift and that all iv placements are easy.

Gina T.

I am amazed by the ED night shift nurses & doctors at how well they keep themselves "together" while working during these difficult times. It's easy to say that 95% of them find ways to make each other laugh, smile, or even just stop and take a deep breath. They are constantly checking on each other to be sure their coworkers are "ok" or asking them, "Do you need any help with anything?" I love being a part of this night shift that has become much like a little family to me. I also feel proud to able to be doing my little part as an ED Registrar. I love that it feels so much like a team and not every person for themselves. While my contribution may not be near as impactful as the nurses and doctors I work beside, I am still very proud to be a part of this little ED family. I will continue to pray every day for all my coworker's safety, physical well being, & mental/emotional stamina while we arrive at whatever our new normal is.

Jennifer P.

Thank you to the wonderful providers at MedStar Health! I've been a patient at MedStar Health a few times, and the providers and nurses have always taken wonderful care of me. As a patient with a chronic autoimmune disease, my providers have always been knowledgeable about my condition, and have always provided fantastic care. Thank you for taking care of myself and other patients as though we're one of your own!

Shelley-Rose I.

Thank you so much for your perseverance, dedication, and sacrifice for the health of our area. There are no sufficient words to describe the invaluable gifts you give us through your generous service every day. Thank you. I hope you have had and will have opportunities to enjoy the holidays.

Emma G.

Thank you MedStar Harbor Hospital for the care I received during my psychiatric stay earlier this year. The doctors and nurses were really terrific and just took good care of everyone there. Also the chef in the kitchen was great too. I lost ten pounds there from eating better at the hospital than I do at home, so kudos to the kitchen staff too. With much appreciation, I thank you all!

Sarah K.

On behalf of our family, community and our country we tare so grateful for all that you are doing to help each and every individual that you care for during this difficult time. We appreciate the sacrifice of your time and energy and hope that you and your family stay healthy and safe. May this coming year of 2021 bring you many blessings.

Shelley R.

Your video was associated with the Washington, D.C. community, but I'm in Baltimore. My grandfather rode in the first ambulance from the old South Baltimore General Hospital to the new that is now called MedStar Harbor Hospital. He survived that stay, but subsequently, MedStar Harbor Hospital was his last place. But for a successful CPR I almost found my last place. Instead, I woke up in MedStar Harbor's ED. For years my family has been served by MedStar.

Kennard A.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Rhonda G.J.

Thank you to all the health care workers who've made a huge sacrifice to our nation and continue to serve patients in the middle of the COVID pandemic. We pray that you will remain safe & healthy and that the year 2021 will bring you much joy, peace and an abundance of love!! Thank you always and forever!!

Amoy M.