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This is a critical time for caregivers and patients. Share your gratitude for our team by supporting our Coronavirus (COVID-19) response efforts. As a non-profit healthcare organization, our goal is to further our mission of providing the highest quality of medical care to our patients each and every day.

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Caring for Our Caregivers

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As a childhood cancer survivor, who is now a young adult, I’ve had a wide range of interactions across the MedStar Georgetown pediatric and adult departments. From oncology to the transplant unit, from the ICU nurses to the cardiology technicians, from the valet folks to the appointment and billing folks there’s a reason why MedStar Georgetown Hospital stands out. The medical care is superb but the empathy and kindness make the hospital feel like home.

Jackie V.

A huge thanks to the Labor and Delivery team! As a first time mom giving birth over the summer in the middle of a pandemic I could not have been more comfortable. You are all rockstars! I could not more grateful for the care I received from the best first in class team! Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving

Brittany M.

Thank you for being there for my health needs. Although I always appreciate my team of healthcare providers, this year I really want all of you to know that I thank you for what you do in this new healthcare arena. I give thanks and prayers to all of you three times each day as I bless my food. I pray that all of us come through this in the best ways possible. The words thank you do not seem adequate for the feelings of gratitude I have.

Mary P.

I am grateful that you put you and your family at risk every day going to work. Because I want to do what I can to make your work day easier, I am staying home for Thanksgiving. I decided not to join my family. Me and Jim are grateful to have each other to share dinner with and not expose anyone or become exposed. I do this with a willing heart. Wearing a mask and staying home is not that difficult. What you do is scary and difficult. God bless you and keep you and all those you love.

Sherry R.

I wanted to thank all hospital staff who put their lives on the line daily during this pandemic. We appreciate all that you do it does not go unnoticed your dedication sacrifice and hardwork. As a prior patient care specialist i know the demand and countless hours you all are giving in support to your patients at the risk of your lives and that of your families. Thank you thank you thank you! Stay safe and may GODs grace and mercy keep you and give you double for all your efforts obedience and hard work.

Toni F.

Thank you for everything do every day of the year!

Joseph D.

I would like to thank the Dr. Bandi, the Urology staff and the operating room staff for their excellent service before, during and after my Prostatic Lift surgery on November 6. With Dr. Bandi's briefing before the surgery with the assistance of his staff, I knew what to expect, how the surgery was being conducted and what to anticipate for my recovery. I feel really fortunate to be privy to the best medical treatment in the world. My Thanksgiving wish is for all to be safe and healthy and hope you and your families have a very pleasant Thanksgiving. You are very, very much appreciated.

William P.

I want to thank all the front line staff for being strong and the super heroes against this virus!!! Although, the many battles were lost, your will to live and help others were enough to shine a light of hope and resignation to live on life!!! Even if that means a place in heaven!!! I want to appreciate your hard work and efforts in staying alive and I hope you never lose hope because it's the last thing we have in staying alive!!!

Yesica C.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer during the pandemic has been very difficult, not that it is ever easy. However, having to comply with COVID guidelines during consultations and treatments has added an extra layer of fear and anxiety. The team at MedStar Franklin Square has gone above and beyond to recognize and compensate for that. I’ve never felt alone—from check-in to check-out, everyone that I’ve encountered has shown me that they are my friends and family providing care and support. I am so fortunate for you all and you are helping me beat cancer emotionally as well as physically. Thank you!

Ellen B.

My surgery was performed by Dr. Hawksworth. My wife and I were so thankful for each and everyone who had a part in my care. We also want to encourage those who are putting their life on the line during this COVID crisis. You are greatly appreciated!!!

Michael H.

MedStar docs & staff take good care of Bruce. Bruce's family doc is Natalie Cadden, CRNP. she is very knowledgeable, professional & friendly. I am very happy with the medical care Bruce receives from MedStar. I am Francis (Bruce's step dad)

Bruce H.

I want to thank Dr. Jay Giurintano, MD, Otolaryngologist, for his outstanding patient care service during my visits to Georgetown University Hospital. Dr. Giurintano is top notch, caring, kind and competent. He provided a remarkable degree of patient care services and provided meticulous attention to every detail by ordering the best tests and treatment available. Dr. Giurintano is a superb communicator who interacts extremely well with his patients. He is committed, dedicated and demands the highest standards of patient care excellence. Dr. Giurintano’s positive attitude and genuine concern to help me in any way possible warrants this symbol of appreciation and 100% patient care satisfaction. I appreciate everything he did for me and I will recommend the Department of Otolaryngology at MedStar GUH to all my friends and global networks. Thank you Dr. Giurintano!! Portia D., President of the Washington International Piano Arts Council

Portia D.

I want to express my sincere and heartfelt appreciate to some of the wonderful Physicians who have healed me from chronic illness over the past years! Worthy of mention is Dr. Sean Whelton, MD, Rheumatologist, Dr. Christine DeWitt, Dermatologist, Dr. Merriam Ayub, Internal Medicine, and Dr. Jay Lustbader, Ophthalmologist. These wonderful, talented Physicians continue to demonstrate outstanding patient care services during my visits to MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. They are "top notch" in their respective fields of medicine and provide a remarkable degree of patient care services providing meticulous attention to every detail by ordering the best tests and treatment available. These Doctors are superb communicators who interacts extremely well with their patients. They are committed, dedicated and demand the highest standards of patient care excellence. Their positive attitude and genuine concern to help me in any way possible warrants this symbol of appreciation and 100% patient care satisfaction. I will recommend the MedStar GUH to all my friends and global networks. These Physicians are true American Hero's! With great appreciation, Portia D., President of the Washington International Piano Arts Council

Portia D.

Gratitude: (noun) "the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness". I have been a patient of Georgetown Hospital medical personnel on and off from some 20 years. In would be impossible to name each and every person that has provided countless acts of care; I shall at least try to pay homage to all. A hospital runs just like any other large, and complicated, business no one unit or person should outshine the other. For without all the one will surely fall. Shall we all raise our hands and applaud the often hidden units, business, housekeeping, information technology, engineers (all types), boards of directors, donors and on and on. Let us applaud the person who passed a kind smile (even behind a mask) towards you while you were going into surgery or perhaps you heard a diagnosis that will left you rocked to your core. Let us recall all of the therapist who told you to push just a bit harder as the therapist only wishes to see your condition improve. Let us recall the person who held your hand in the surgical suite while you waited for hours to see the surgeon come out of the operating room with good news. Let us recall the person who helped the EMT crew grab your stretcher out of the ambulance getting you the urgent and life saving care you needed. Let us smile when we think of the time you gave birth and held your child for the first time. Let us bow down and say thank you a million times over to the staff of the NICU who helped save your wee little one. Let us hold up the shoulders of the doctors and nurses that must say the words no one wishes to hear about a family member "I'm sorry we did all that we could"; and then caught you as you crumbled to the floor. As for my most recent stay, thank you to all of the wonderful nurses in surgery as you prepped me to go into the OR. Thank you to the wonderful anesthesiologist who monitored my life as I underwent 5 hours of surgery. Thank you to Joan, Kassie and Rhonda in first phase recovery your care and humor were so very much appreciated (need a hint - Hokey Pokey Victim). Thank you Sophie, Claire, Michelle and Sobonda (pardon the if I did not spell your name correctly) from BLES Building 7th floor General Surgery you rocked my one night one day stay!!!!! Thank you Dr. Christopher Attinger, Dr. Grant Kleiber and of course all of the staff for putting be back on track once again. And, on a bit of a post script note: thank you Dr. Paul Cooper hope you still enjoy eating "jelly belly" candies after you finish working in the operating room. The opening definition states "..and to return kindness" whoever reads this message please do just that; return kindness we all will feel the ripple in the kindness bucket.

Paula G.

What can I say. Dr Jean-Marc Voyadiz changed my life. My recent back surgery was a great success. I feel like a new man. I have no pain in my legs and I am walking so much better. I am so glad I met Dr V. My time at Georgetown Hospital will never be forgotten. The care was excellent. I would like to point out one nurse also. Maria Lee was so pleasant and helpful, she made my stay even more painless and my recovery was sped up because of her. Many Thanks to Dr. V and Marie Lee.

Patrick R.